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October 2020

Tips for Dining Out With Kids Safely

Alejandra Alonso (@alealonval) | Twitter

Looking at the situation that we are currently in I know staying at home is the best way to break the COVID-19 chain and help to flatten the curve. But we all know how kids get restless easily when they are being cooped in the house for so long! If you are planning to bring your kids out, be sure to follow the SOP and guidelines set by the government. For extra precaution when you are out with your family, here are some tips I have gathered for you!

#1 Check the area/restaurant

Prior to going out, you should do your homework by finding out:

  • the area is classified as a green/red zone.
  • any COVID-19 cases reported within the area.

We must avoid the places with reported positive cases so we are not exposed to be in the risk of contracting the virus! If you find the area is A-Okay and safe for you and your family, then there is one less thing to worry about.

#2 Maintain physical distance

When you get to the restaurant, ensure that you maintain a physical distance of at least a meter between yourself and other restaurant guests. And do avoid touching or hugging anyone else (in case you bump into someone you know in the restaurant!).

#3 Disinfect the surfaces

I know most of the restaurants did a great job disinfecting their tables after their guests leave. But why not take an extra step by disinfecting once more, especially when putting our baby in the high chair! We all know babies have poor immune system still, so it is important to keep the germs and viruses away from them. Purchase Chomel’s Travel & High Chair Cleaner on Babydash. Super convenient to bring out as it is only 100ml in size!

#4 Contactless payment

Since we need to minimize touching as much as we can, it is best to opt for contactless payment whenever you can since some restaurants do not offer the service. It is also better to ask for your bill at your table rather than walking to counter and queuing with other guests so you don’t crowd the area.

Above all these, do ensure that you and your family are wearing mask and always take care of your hands hygiene! Stock up your kid’s mask supply and hand sanitizer on Babydash website.

For extra protection, get the Face Shield Protective Hat!

I know we’ve seen and heard these messages thousand of times ever since we are in the pandemic. But each one of us has to play the part in the community to break the COVID-19 chain and that includes reminding each other of these little things! Stay safe, everyone. #kitajagakita ❀

What Are Organic/Natural Cleaning Solutions? Do They Work?

Organic/natural acquisitions allow the food industry to align CSR messages  with product portfolio: Euromonitor

We have known and seen how organic products are deemed as clean, good, and is the way to go as far as the lifestyle goes. And so often the word “organic” is used by sellers and marketers to attract customers to purchase their products. Organic this, organic that. But firstly, what is organic? An organic product is made from something living, a plant, vegetable or fruit. The ingredients of the products must come from renewable/plentiful source found in nature and use sustainable farming practices.

Due to the nature of the product, the use of organic/natural cleaning solutions in a household are becoming more popular. Using organic/natural cleaning solutions allows you to take better care of your home and your family. How? With organic/natural cleaners, you won’t have to worry about the exposure to toxins as they don’t contain harsh chemicals like regular household cleaners do. There is no risk of breathing in the harsh chemicals lingering in the air or come in contact with toxins that remain on the surfaces throughout your home.

Organic/natural cleaning solutions are safer to use. Regular cleaners in the market could cause multiple risks such as chemical burns or illness when ingested. The use of organic/natural cleaning solutions in your home are safe especially when you have a baby around as they are made of natural ingredients hence there are no dangers if inhaled or come into contact with the skin!

Using organic/natural cleaning solutions will result in a healthier environment. As there are no harsh chemicals in the products, they will help reduce water and air pollutions. Regular cleaners can easily escape into a water supply and water treatment plants will face difficulty to treat a large volume of chemicals. Also, many organic/natural cleaning solutions are now packed in smaller bottles and concentrated forms which help to reduce waste.

Do organic/natural cleaning solutions work? Yes, they do! Many organic/natural cleaners do pick up grease and stains as well as regular cleaners. They have been demonstrated to be just as effective at tackling various cleaning work as regular cleaning products. I mean, there are growing numbers of organic/natural cleaning solutions in the market, right? They must mean something! πŸ˜†

Here are some organic/natural cleaning solutions that you can find on Babydash which you can use to clean your home. Click the links to purchase!

This removes the stains and spills. Spritz some on clothes, bibs or blankets and proceed to wash for clean and refreshed fabrics!

Unlike the name suggested, the cleanser is truly versatile in cleaning other items too, such as vegetables and fruits! Definitely safe to use and pocket-friendly as it serves as a multi-purpose cleaner.

When you have a little one around, especially when they are at exploring stage, it is best to clean the floor with an antibacterial cleaner that leaves no harmful residue to keep them safe!

I know how organic/natural products have higher price points compared to the regular products, but can you put a price tag on safety? Better be safe than sorry, folks! Also, at Babydash, we have lowest prices all year long πŸ˜‰ And with that.. stay safe and sane, everyone ❀

Be Safe, Stay Home, & Have Fun!

15 Fun Activities for Kids Stuck at Home - Now from Nationwide

The news has been upsetting lately if you ask me. The COVID-19 cases has risen exponentially to three digits now! It seems like we are back at square one so let’s get moving by staying put in our homes and do our part to help flatten the curve, again! In this post, you will find some ideas of fun activities that you can do with your little ones to help kick their boredom away!

#1 Cooking and baking

If your kids enjoy eating yummy treats and sweets, now is the perfect time to get them join the BTS (it’s for Behind The Scene, not the K-pop band, folks! πŸ˜‰) of making cookies, muffins, and more! Introducing basic food preparation skills will help them learn to read recipes, follow instructions, and measure ingredients. It is also a beautiful way to bond and get to know your kid! But before you head to the kitchen, ensure to follow safe cooking practices so nobody gets hurt 😬

#2 Start a DIY project

You don’t have to build a shoe rack (well, you can if you want!). But you can always start small like making a family scrapbook, for instance! You can take your art and craft supplies out and let your kid’s creativity unleash! Handcrafted cards, paintings, and drawings hold a sentimental value and are just adorable! You can also find some DIY kit from 4M on Babydash.

#3 Pretend Play

Let your kid’s imagination run wild by pretend-playing! You can be a customer, patient, student and anything that your kid ‘assigns’ you to be in their own creative world. You can purchase the perfect kit for a pretend-play at Babydash.

#4 Have a pool party!

Beat the vacation fever by having a little pool party at home! Bring out some snacks, yummy drinks, and the straw hat to the yard. No swimming pool at home is no problem! Get a colourful kiddie pool here at Babydash.

#5 Movie night & sleepover

Since we are blessed with Wi-Fi and streaming services like Netflix, movie night is great to let your kid enjoy some classics! If your kid sleeps in their own room, movie night is the perfect time for your kid to sleepover in your room so you can cuddle your kid whilst watching movie and sleep after! So pop some popcorn and enjoy the night!

Time spent at home doesn’t have to be so mundane. Get some activity going to help you and your kid pass the time! I know we heard this message so many times, but, remember to wash your hands often and stay home! If you have to go out do remember to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and avoid crowded places. Together.. we can #flattenthecurve ❀

Babywearing 101

What Type of Babywearing Dad are You? | Ergobaby

If you are new parents who are, well, obviously new to this whole idea of babywearing, here is Babywearing 101 for you! Or.. if you are using a new baby carrier.. there are things you need to know and be aware too! Here are some vital Dos and Don’ts of babywearing, but do ensure that you read your carrier’s safety tips as well!

βœ” Practice before you start!

Be sure to try out your carrier before you insert your baby in for the first time. Familiarize yourself with the buckles and straps. You can even practice with a teddy bear or a bag of rice just so you know how to handle your baby’s weight later. You know what they say.. practice makes perfect!

βœ” Wear your baby high up

To improve your comfort, wear your baby high. The higher up on the body your baby is, the easier it will be! Do aim to place the carrier at belly button level and the closer it is to your body, the better it is for you. But ensure there are room for breathability. You don’t want to suffocate yourself!

βœ” Give support to your baby

A newborn baby’s head always needs support. Whenever you are wearing your baby, always make sure you are supporting their head and keep them securely in the carrier especially when you lean down or bend over.

❌ Overdress your baby

Your closeness with your baby and body heat along with the carrier’s fabric will help to keep your baby warm at all times. Think about the clothes that your baby should be wearing when the weather gets warmer. You don’t want to stuff up or swaddle your baby inside excess fabrics! Do remember that the youngins have poor body heat regulation, hence remember to regularly check their abdomen, forehead, and neck.

❌ Let your baby’s legs dangle

Your baby could be at risk of contracting hips dysplasia if their legs dangle. To prevent that from occurring, kindly ensure that your baby is in frog stance where their bottom and hamstrings are supported by the carrier.

Just to let you cool parents know, we are having Babywearing Special on our website. Every day, starting today, you get to enjoy different deal on babywearing gears. This is the best time for you to get the carrier of your dreams! So be sure to check our website every day for the best deal! So, happy babywearing, folks!

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