15 Fun Activities for Kids Stuck at Home - Now from Nationwide

The news has been upsetting lately if you ask me. The COVID-19 cases has risen exponentially to three digits now! It seems like we are back at square one so let’s get moving by staying put in our homes and do our part to help flatten the curve, again! In this post, you will find some ideas of fun activities that you can do with your little ones to help kick their boredom away!

#1 Cooking and baking

If your kids enjoy eating yummy treats and sweets, now is the perfect time to get them join the BTS (it’s for Behind The Scene, not the K-pop band, folks! πŸ˜‰) of making cookies, muffins, and more! Introducing basic food preparation skills will help them learn to read recipes, follow instructions, and measure ingredients. It is also a beautiful way to bond and get to know your kid! But before you head to the kitchen, ensure to follow safe cooking practices so nobody gets hurt 😬

#2 Start a DIY project

You don’t have to build a shoe rack (well, you can if you want!). But you can always start small like making a family scrapbook, for instance! You can take your art and craft supplies out and let your kid’s creativity unleash! Handcrafted cards, paintings, and drawings hold a sentimental value and are just adorable! You can also find some DIY kit from 4M on Babydash.

#3 Pretend Play

Let your kid’s imagination run wild by pretend-playing! You can be a customer, patient, student and anything that your kid ‘assigns’ you to be in their own creative world. You can purchase the perfect kit for a pretend-play at Babydash.

#4 Have a pool party!

Beat the vacation fever by having a little pool party at home! Bring out some snacks, yummy drinks, and the straw hat to the yard. No swimming pool at home is no problem! Get a colourful kiddie pool here at Babydash.

#5 Movie night & sleepover

Since we are blessed with Wi-Fi and streaming services like Netflix, movie night is great to let your kid enjoy some classics! If your kid sleeps in their own room, movie night is the perfect time for your kid to sleepover in your room so you can cuddle your kid whilst watching movie and sleep after! So pop some popcorn and enjoy the night!

Time spent at home doesn’t have to be so mundane. Get some activity going to help you and your kid pass the time! I know we heard this message so many times, but, remember to wash your hands often and stay home! If you have to go out do remember to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and avoid crowded places. Together.. we can #flattenthecurve ❀