12 Best Toys for 1-Year Olds

If you read my previous post (if you haven’t, then.. you better do it now!), you would already know that toys play an important role in your child’s development. The benefits toys give to a child are immense but in today’s post I’m gathering The Importance of Age-Appropriate Toys for you to read!

When purchasing a toy for your little child, do you normally look for the age recommendation label on the packaging? If yes, then you are doing great, sweetie! Age recommendation label exists as a result of researches done by manufacturers to specifically pinpoints the most likely groups that can and will enjoy specific toys, as well as which age can play with the toys safely. It also will prevent you from buying toys that are too old for younger kids which may cause harm to themselves.

Infants require specific toy recommendations to ensure their safety. Choose toys that are sanitary, washable, high-quality, and sturdy. You might want to ensure that the toy is not too heavy and have sharp or rough edges that can cause cuts and scratches. Babies especially love to put things into their mouths, well, they are a bunch of curious cats, we can’t blame them! To prevent choking hazards, it is best to buy toys that are not too small so babies can’t swallow them. Look for toys that are nontoxic and contain no harmful substances, such as lead paint.

Here are examples of toys that are suitable for infants:

Toddlers are ready to play with toys that will them to start learning. This may includes games, puzzles, and art supplies. But we all know how toddlers are so cheeky with their antics and are explorers with their surroundings, hence you need to make sure that their toys are safe! Read the labels carefully and watch out for toxic substances, ensure that fabric toys are made of flame-resistant materials as well as wooden toys should not have splinters!

Suitable toys for toddlers:

Preschoolers have longer attention span than toddlers. They can now focus on doing things a little bit longer than before. So their toys will keep them busy for hours so they won’t bug you every other minute! (Well, what a relief ha! 😂) Select toys that will aid them to continue their development while keeping them safe at the same time. Books, pretend play, and larger toys are some examples that can help to stimulate their imaginations and prepare them for school.

Here are some examples of toys that include pretend play for preschoolers:

School-age children are older and now have better understanding of how to play their toys safely. They will no longer try to swallow small parts or even lick their toys at this age. You can now safely buy toys made for older kids, such as action figures, craft items, or even fitness materials!

Suitable toys for school children:

Now that you know these facts you can now shop the right toys for the right age for your baby and relatives! In case you haven’t known it already, Babydash is having a special promo on Fisher-Price products. Check out the promo here.