I’m sure lots of you have thought about this. It isn’t always just cost that’s the issue though…we as parents also need to be concerned about the quality of the diapers and whether or not our child has sensitive skin. Some diapers may cost less per piece but because they do not hold as much liquid, and you have to change your baby more often, you may just end up spending just as much as if you had spent on a higher quality diaper brand with better absorbency features.

Putting all that aside…in Malaysia….what if we just wanted to know, which is the cheapest diapers on a per piece basis. Below is a list of diaper brands available on Babydash and the cost on a per piece basis of L size diapers (just to standardise it).

Untitled-1From this table, you can see that the cheapest tape diapers are Pet Pet and Diapex which on a per piece bases, cost the same, RM0.51. As for diaper pants, the most cost efficient pants to get are by Goo.N which works out to RM0.50 per piece at the moment. Having said that….we hear from lots of parents about quality of diapers, and they would usually name Merries, Pampers, Mamy Poko and Goo.N as diapers with higher quality, so don’t choose your diapers just based on cost alone…check out the other features. For more information about the different diaper brands available on Babydash, check out our site at http://www.babydash.com.my.