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November 2020

Cool Things You Can Do With Your Breast Milk!

Adult health craze for human breast milk poses risks - CBS News

This may sounds rather strange because what else is breast milk for if it’s not to feed the baby? Ha, you thought! I mean, we all know breast milk is amazing with all the yummy nutrients it has to nourish your little babe. And due to that great properties, there are a bunch of other cool things that you can do with your leftover breast milk. Keep reading!

#1 Skin lotion

Breast milk contains the necessary fatty acids, antibodies, and nutrients that are especially vital for your baby’s first six months. Because of that, people are now utilizing the amazing stuff it contains by turning it into homemade skin moisturizer.

How? Simply mix the breast milk with beeswax and grapeseed or coconut oil. Breast milk lotion can be the remedy to cure nappy rash, eczema, baby acne, and sore nipples!

#2 Breast milk jewellery

What?! Yes, jewellery! Create a keepsake of the time you were breastfeeding with some gorgeous trinkets make of breast milk that you can cherish forever. Immortalize your breast milk into rings or lockets that you can wear proudly and say, “I made this!” 😂

What's the Deal with Breast Milk Jewelry? - PureWow

#3 Makeup remover

Running out of makeup remover? Well, just use your breast milk as a makeup remover! Take a little and rub it into the skin. Breast milk can also help to take off the tough eye make up and serve as a pre-cleanser!

#4 Plants fertilizer

Plants get most of their nutrients from the soil. Milk (breast milk and goat or cow milk) contains beneficial minerals that could help your plans to grow better. So, adding some milk to the soil once in a while would do the trick!

#5 Deodorant

Yes, really! A great substitute to your normal deodorant as this contains no chemicals. Just take some breast milk and pat it under your arms and just leave it to dry. Easy? Yes. But the best part? It’s free – saving you some $$$ monthly!

Is there anything breast milk can’t do? It truly is amazing and mind-boggling! Why not give some of these tricks a go and see if you like it!

Breastfeeding Moms #OOTD Tips

What 'Fed Is Best' Misses for Moms Who Want to Breastfeed

I know mommies that you can’t wait for your confinement days to be over so you can go out for a bit.. to “wash eye” 👀 (well, other than the usual hospital visits!). And if you are a breastfeeding mom, here are some OOTD tips that I have gathered for you to make your breastfeeding session a breeze one!

#1 Nursing bras

When you are a breastfeeding mom, you have to switch from wearing your normal bras to nursing bras. A nursing bra is a lot softer from the inside and does not have metal wire inside it which will help your milk to flow normally in your breasts. Nursing bras have special clips or hooks that help a section of fabric fold down without affecting or ruining the support structures of the bra. Also mommies, avoid buying nursing bras before you give birth as the size of your breasts will change after delivery.

#2 Choose button down shirts

Dressing for breastfeeding is always about easy access. Button-down shirts are the easiest and simplest way to quickly get access to your girls when needed. By leaving the lower button done, will help you feel more secure and give you the coverage you need. It is also one of the best options for working moms!

#3 Nursing tops

If you feel the blouses in your closet do not give the access that you need for breastfeeding, fret not, mommies! Here are some nursing tops that you can find in the market. You’re welcome! 😜

Nursing top from Ratuwear

Nursing baju kurung from BondaMilk

Nursing dress from DNA by Dynas

#4 Be careful of accessories

Dainty and long necklaces are indeed nice to wear but be mindful of sharp and pointy accessories that are dangerous for your child’s safety. Go for something simpler and short when you’re breastfeeding!

#5 Kimonos and cardigans

Kimonos and cardigans can be worn to provide extra fabric for extra protection. You can use it as a nursing cover for when you forgot to pack one in your bag! It is also one of the easy ways to layer any top that you wear effortlessly!

Breastfeeding wears have become more stylish and chic! They are comfortable and available to suit the occasion to cater to breastfeeding mommies. Hope you find this post helpful. Till the next one! ☺

Tips to Establish Successful Breastfeeding

Secrets For Breastfeeding Success: 37 Breastfeeding Tips | Parents

Breastfeeding is a skill that both mother and baby learn together. It can be difficult for some mothers, but with the right guidance and tips, breastfeeding is totally doable. From the moment your baby is born, there are a few things that you can do to improve and establish successful breastfeeding.

#1 Hold your baby skin-to-skin

Cuddle your baby on your chest as a lovely welcome to the world! Keeping your baby with you after birth promotes a feeling of closeness and strong hormonal response that will help your body to start making milk and will kickstart your baby’s feeding reflexes. Babies usually are awake and interested in feeding during the first hour after birth. Hence, stay skin-to-skin with your baby until after the first feeding. Skin-to-skin contact also helps to regulate your baby’s blood sugar, reduce your baby’s crying and stress, and keep your baby warm.

#2 Watch the baby, not the clock

We know babies need to be fed often in the first few weeks for at least eight or more times in 24 hours. This will help you to produce more milk and help your baby to gain back any weight loss they might have experienced in the first few days. But, instead of timing feeds by the clock, look for your baby’s signs of wanting to feed.

  • rooting reflex – you will see your baby turn their head and open their mouth in search of food when you touch their mouth or cheek
  • licking of lips
  • putting their hands to their mouth – babies that have their hands free can show you easily that they are hungry

#3 Get your position and attachment right

The first few days after giving birth is the best opportunity for you and your baby to learn to breastfeed. Your breasts are still soft for a few days after the birth and as your breast milk changes from highly concentrated and nutritious first milk (colostrum) to mature milk, your breasts can be quite full and firm! So try to use the first few days to get your position and latch right. Seek help from a lactation consultant if you need to!

#4 Avoid teats and complementary feeds

Since your baby is still learning to breastfeed, avoid giving a teat or a dummy as it can be confusing for them. Also if your baby is drinking other fluids (for instance, formula milk) other than breast milk, they will breastfeed less and less and your breast milk supply will also decrease. Frequent and unrestricted suckling at the breast will satisfy your baby and your body will ensure to produce more milk to continue to meet your baby’s needs!

#5 Be patient

Like anything new and foreign, it takes a little time and patience for you to get the rhythm of things! If you find yourself getting frustrated or angry, take a little pause and try again when you are calm and relax. Relaxation while breastfeeding is important as it encourages more letdown. Also mommies, do not be afraid to ask for help from your spouse or family to hold the baby while you are taking some time for yourself!

I hope these tips help you in some ways. While it is highly encouraged to breastfeed your baby, I know it is not an easy thing to do and that’s okay too. There are other ways for you to feed your baby and do what’s best for you and your baby as long as you and your baby are happy and healthy. Happy mama = happy baby. So happy trying and breastfeeding! ❤

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Galactagogue Foods To Increase Milk Supply

Here's why you need to make nuts a staple on your grocery list!

Being able to produce enough breast milk is what worries a mother. Is it enough? Is my baby getting enough nutrition? And that are some of the reasons why many mothers quit breastfeeding. If you feel like you are not producing enough milk, it is best to consult your doctor or lactation consultant first to check if your supply is enough for your baby or your supply is indeed low. If you are searching for ways to increase your breast milk supply, then you have come to the right post! 😆 The answer is galactagogues!

What is galactagogue? Galactagogue is a food or substance that promotes or increases the flow of mother’s milk. So where can you find it? Here I’ve listed top 6 galactagogues that you can include in your diet!

#1 Oatmeal and barley

These two contain phytoestrogens and a fiber called beta-glucan that can increase prolactin (a vital hormone for milk production) level in the body. Oats are great for weight loss too since they are high in fiber that will make you feel full, being in rich in complex carbs, protein, and antioxidants which are important for new mommies whether or not they are breastfeeding!

#2 Fennel (Jintan manis)

Both fennel plant and its seeds contain phytoestrogens and have been used traditionally to amp up the breast milk supply. The fennel bulb can be eaten raw with salad, stir-fried with other vegetables, or even cooked with your choice of meat! The seeds, on the other hand, can be enjoyed with tea or included in baking such as cookies or bread!

#3 Nuts

Nuts like almonds, cashews, and macadamia are typically used to help nutrify mothers. Almonds especially are rich in calcium and magnesium which help in sustaining the milk supply when mothers are on menses. They are also a great source of iron, protein, and healthy fats. Nuts are best eaten raw but of course you can get creative by baking or roasting them to make a trail mix!

#4 Dates

Since hundreds of years ago, dates have been given to new mothers in Middle Eastern and Chinese cultures. Other than supporting lactation, dates are known to help provide energy and aid in digestion as they are high in fiber. Dried dates can be consumed as snacks with nuts or used in baking or included in cereal! Or you can even find dates flavoured milks in the market!

#5 Fenugreek seeds (Halba)

It is one of the popular galactagogues that have been proven in studies to show a significant increase in breast milk production. Thousands of mothers truly swear by it! However, they need to be taken in moderation as there are minor side effects like smelly sweat and urine and gas/bloating in infants. But worry not, even taken in a small amount, it can double the breast milk production in just a few days! Fenugreek can be incorporated in tea, treats, and even dishes.

#6 Green leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and mustard greens are a great source of minerals such as iron, calcium, and folic acid. These greens have vitamins aplenty that can help boost your breast milk supply! They are also the easiest to get fresh in the market. You should include at least one portion of green veges in your diet on a daily basis.

And now, I know mothers do not have all the time in the world to cook and bake especially when the little baby is around! To help you with that, you can browse on Babydash website to get some readymade milkboosters packed with all the nutrients you need!

We know mothers are constantly worrying about their breast milk production. By educating yourself more and following best practices on breastfeeding, consulting your baby’s doctor or a lactation consultant as well as adding galactagogues in your diet do work well in most situations. But then again, always do what’s best for you and your baby, mommy ❤

Power Pumping: What & How

Feature: The Exclusively Pumping Mom - Lactation Link

Ever heard of power pumping, mommies? Some mothers really do swear by it! Power pumping (aka cluster pumping) is an act of pumping in a series over the course of an hour, one session each day. The idea behind power pumping is to trick your body into producing more milk by quickly emptying the breasts. It replicates what babies do when they are cluster feeding, which is when babies on and off the breast frequently signaling the body to increase supply.

Not to be confused with your normal pumping routine, power pumping is usually used when mothers need an extra push to increase the milk supply within an established pumping routine.

To start power pump, it is best to find an hour in a day that you can pump without an interruption, preferably in the mornings – that’s when many women’s milk supplies are at their highest! Within that hour, use this pumping pattern:

  • Pump for 20 minutes, rest for 10 minutes
  • Pump for 10 minutes, rest for 10 minutes
  • Pump for 10 minutes.

For the rest of the day, you can stick to your normal pumping / nursing routine. While some women do power pumping twice a day, one session a day may be sufficient for many women too. Like I would normally say, do what’s best for you and your mental health because long power pumping sessions may drain you mentally and physically.

Also, do note that every women’s body is build differently. Some will respond quicker to power pumping, while some may take a little more time up to a week to see an increase in supply. So, be patient and don’t give up! But once you see your desired result, you can stop the power pumping sessions until you feel the need for another kick start!

To improve your power pumping experience, do try the followings out!

  • Continue through the entire hour
  • Drink water aplenty
  • Eat extra snacks to fuel your milk production
  • If you are with your baby, you can nurse your baby on one side, while pumping on the other
  • Be relaxed and calmed as much as possible as lower stress levels encourage letdown!

Other ways to help increase your milk supply includes:

  • Eat food contains galactagogues such as lactation cookies
  • Add an extra pumping session or two to your usual routine
  • Eat food rich of proteins and drink enough fluids
  • Try breast massage or breast compression
  • Ensure to pump long enough by continuing for at least two to five minutes after you see drops of milk

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