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Top 5 Must-Haves For Starting Solids

Most babies are ready to start solids between 4 and 6 months, however as parents, only you know your baby’s readiness and as you are preparing for this amazing milestone, I thought I would share with you the Top 5 Must-Haves for Starting Solids!

#1 For meal preparing

To help with baby’s growth and development, we have to ensure the food that we give is nutritious and suitable for our baby to consume. In order to prep your own fresh baby food at home, you will need a food processor. This Beaba Babycook Solo has 4-in-1 functions – cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats and it allows the preservation of the essentials vitamins needed for your baby’s growth with its steam-cooking system. It will save you a lot of time as it only takes 15 minutes to cook! You can get one here on Babydash.

#2 For a comfortable mealtime

Your baby starting solids also means it is time to welcome him/her to join the rest of the family at the dinner table. To ensure your little one is comfortable and secure during mealtime, a high chair is needed. Take this one from Evenflo, it is a 3-in-1 convertible high chair for babies from 6-36 months. It is easy to use and clean as the seat pad is washable! Get one from Babydash by clicking here.

#3 For when it gets messy

When your little one is transitioning into solid food, mealtime can get a lot messier. And a waterproof silicone bib will be a better choice at this point of time to help cover your baby’s beautiful tops from food stains. The silicone bib is BPA free, stain resistant as well as dishwasher safe. To purchase one from Babydash, just click here.

#4 For feeding

We know how our little one likes to throw things around, so it is best to give them dishes and utensils that are durable. This plate from Skip Hop is made of durable melamine and dishwasher safe. It is lightweight so it is easy for your little one to hold. You can get one on Babydash, just click here.

To encourage your little one to feed themselves, a safe pair of cutlery is essential in order to make sure a safe mealtime. Cutlery with ergonomic shape makes it easy for infants to grasp them. And parents must ensure the cutlery has rounded edges so it is safe for your baby’s gums. Get this pair from Beaba on Babydash, just by clicking here.

#5 For easy cleaning

If your little one is at the fun stage of tossing things around during mealtime, then you might want to consider getting a placemat to help you containing the mess. Due to its suction on the silicone mat, your little one will not be able to pull the plate/bowl off. When mealtime is over, you can release the suction by peeling off from the corners and the mess made can also easily be cleaned! Purchase one here on Babydash.

There you have it, parents! I wish this will somehow help you to prepare your baby’s journey starting solids. Also parents, come participate in our Mommy’s Yummy Recipe Contest and stand a chance to win Chomel hamper worth RM52. Click here for more information. Good luck!

Top 5 Mother-To-Be Tips

Being a mother is almost every woman’s dream. But to be a mother takes a lot of effort and energy and not every woman goes through the same experience while being pregnant. But worry not! Here are Top 5 Mother-To-Be Tips to make your journey sliding into motherhood a smooth one!

Tip #1: Take prenatal supplements

Your baby’s developments start within the first month of pregnancy, so you need to consume awesome nutrients – like folic acid, calcium and iron that are good for your body and baby. To purchase a yummy one, just click here.

Tip #2: Reduce stretch marks by applying stretch marks cream

I know the appearance of stretch marks can stress you out and being stress is not good for you and baby. You are carrying another life inside of you and it is a beautiful thing! So don’t worry mommies, a good stretch marks creams (or oils) can prevent/lessen stretch marks appearance. You can purchase one just by clicking here.

Tip #3: Get enough sleep

Get plenty of rest and always listen to your body in determining if you need to take short breaks during the day and to determine how many hours of sleep do you need at night. I know it is hard to sleep when your body undergoes changes throughout pregnancy. However a good maternity pillow helps give good support to your body while you rest. Indeed, good rest = healthier body! Get your maternity pillow from Babydash by clicking here.

Tip #4: Wear breathable maternity clothes

Throughout your pregnancy, your body is going through changes as your baby bump grows each day and you may find some of your old clothes can’t fit you anymore. During pregnancy, loose and comfy clothes are the way to go! Get one here on Babydash.

Tip #5: Enjoy pregnancy and take memorable photos!

No one has the same pregnancy journey. Some women may have it easy, some may not. Either way, it is still a wonderful process to look back in the future. Photograph your beautiful moments with belly stickers that you can purchase on Babydash by just clicking here.

There you have it, mommies! Pregnancy is a challenging yet wonderful journey to motherhood. Just remember that you are bringing a new life into the world so be proud! I wish you will have a safe delivery! 🙂

Top 5 Tips for a Safe Playtime

It is vital to encourage our kids to play because playing allows them to use their creativity developing their imagination, ability as well as physical, cognitive and emotional strength. But before they play, there are few preventive measures that we as parents need to tackle in order to keep them safe.

Tip #1: Always disinfect/clean toys before playing

Kids especially infants have an immature immune system, so always ensure to disinfect/clean your children’s toys before playtime as we know babies love to put things in their mouth which can cause them to fall sick if it is dirty! You may purchase your toys disinfectant from Babydash here.

Tip #2: Choose age appropriate toys

I know there are labels on the toy boxes as reference for safety in connection to child’s age. However, we as parents know not every child is the same, hence it is best to use our own judgments when buying toys for our child – only you know when they are ready. There is a variety of toys to choose that may suit your child from Babydash.

To purchase this infant toy, click here.
Get this rocking horse for your toddler here.
Purchase this for your kid by clicking here.

Tip #3: Choose sturdy, quality toys

We know how kids like to throw things around (it’s messy I know – I feel you, parents!) so it is important to select sturdy and quality toys when shopping for one, so it does not break and spoil after it gets tossed and thrown around the house for the hundredth time – you could save some $$$ too! Here is an example of quality toys that you can get from Babydash, click here.

Tip #4: No sharps and no little parts

Of course as parents keeping our child from sharp objects is a no-brainer. However, a thorough way to examine a toy before purchasing one is to consider the “protruding” parts. Always keep a look out on anything that sticks out or does not have rounded edges.

If you ever wondered, how little parts are considered little – use the toilet paper roll test! If a toy or a piece of toy is small enough to fit inside an empty toilet paper roll, it could block your baby’s airway. Remember, choking is one the biggest hazards for children! Purchase one from Babydash here.

Tip #5: Choose a non-toxic play mat

Our children especially babies will spend a lot of time on the floor – tummy time and crawl, therefore it is essential to have a play mat that does not emit harmful substances such as BPA! A good play mat will also prevent your child from play time accidents. Get one from Babydash here.

There we have it, parents! Accidents bound to happen but we must always ensure we have taken all the necessary measurements to prevent mishaps and keep our children safe and sound in our home.

Top 10 Baby Room Essentials

When preparing for the arrival of our little bundle of joy, as parents, we would want to provide only the best so our child would live in a safe and pleasant environment. Here is a Top 10 Baby Room Essentials that I gather to help you pick and choose to make your baby room ready.

1. Babyhood Classic Sleigh 4-IN-1 Convertible Cot

Babyhood is an Australian brand known for producing the best baby cots. Putting child’s safety as top priority, Babyhood’s baby cots are designed to surpass the industry standards. The classic sleigh 4-in-1 convertible cot is great for you and your child as it is sustainable with real clear A grade NZ plantation timber. It is a great value for money due to its base levels that can be adjusted as your child grows from bassinet, cot and toddler bed. Its beautiful and stylish design will definitely add an elegant touch to the baby room. You can purchase from Babydash by clicking here.

2. Candide 3-IN-1 Multirelax Air + Maternity Pillow

Exclusively dedicated to providing comfort for babies and mothers all around the world, Candide is a brand from France that has been offering sophisticated collections with innovative products every year. The Multirelax cushion makes a cosy and safe nest for your little baby from birth up to 6 months old! It is also essential to use during nursing as it gives comfort settling your baby at the perfect height and at the same time relieving pressure on your back. You can purchase one from Babydash here.

3. Nuna Sena Change Table

Finding the perfect balance between practicality and beauty is what inspired Nuna, a globally known brand from Amsterdam to invent gears to ease parenthood. Nuna Sena provides a safe and cosy changing area for your baby. It is made from certified Oeko-Tex® fabric with a wipeable panel for easy cleaning and care. When it is not used, just rotate down for storage. You can get one here.

4. Ubbi Diaper Pail

Ubbi is a Brooklyn based company that was created to launch the first steel diaper pail that offered convenience by operating using any standard trash bag. The diaper pail is an award-winning design that has the easiest disposable system to load, use, empty and clean. The rubber seals make it leak-proof as well as keeping the odour locked in, so your baby room won’t stink! You can get it here on Babydash.

5. Parklon: PVC Pure Soft Mat (Double Sided)

Coming from South Korea, Parklon PlayMat passed extremely stringent safety criteria and quality tests – BPA free and non-toxic. It also has high durability due to its high density waterproof coating. The honeycomb embossing treatment on the surface made to prevent slipping and for easy cleaning. To purchase, you can click here.

6. uPang UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer

uPang is made and designed in South Korea as the world’s first UV waterless sterilizer. The sterilizer has a 99.9% sterilization effect for influenza virus as well as 99.9% internal sterilization effect in baby bottles. Not only made to sterilize baby bottles but also for others such as toys, utensils and more. You can get the sterilizer here at Babydash.

7. Skip Hop Camping Cubs Activity Gym

Skip Hop is a global lifestyle brand from the USA committed to making parenting as easy and fun as possible. The camping cubs activity gym is made of unique and soft supports with a wood grain pattern and rope ties gives your little one an outdoor feel. It has more than 17 developmental activities to help develop a child’s sensory skills. The activity gym includes a plush, sleeping bear tummy time pillow. To purchase, just click here.

8. Bebe Living Storage Bin

Made from cotton canvas with stitching detailing, storage bin from Bebe Living is an excellent space saving solution for toys, diapers and more. With its cute and bright coloured designs, it surely will add a quirky touch to your baby room. You can purchase by clicking the link here.

9. Motorola Digital Audio Baby Monitor MBP161

Motorola needs no introduction when it comes to mobile’s world. The MBP161 timer digital audio baby monitor is the first baby monitor designed to not only monitor your baby, but also to help parents keep track of important details in baby’s day. It is built with an integrated night light on the baby unit which will help calm your baby and its integrated lullabies will soothe your baby to sleep. The monitor comes with a two-way communication feature that allows parents to speak to your baby and with the high sensitivity microphone you will hear every clear sound coming from your baby’s room. This essential can be purchased here on Babydash

10. aden + anais Ideal Baby Muslin Swaddle

With their versatility, quality and modern aesthetics, aden + anais has brought the Australian legacy of cotton muslin to the front line of baby care around the globe. It comes in a pack of three with breathable fabric that allows better airflow to help reduce overheating. The fabric will remain soft even after lots of washings. It is also oversized which makes swaddling easy – a plus tip for new moms! You can get a set here.

These items are a must-have in your baby room. Without one of these, the room will be incomplete – trust me on this! So, have fun decorating, parents!

Top 5 car seats, as voted by Moms


We as parents are spoiled because of the endless choices of car seats available on the market. Sometimes it may seem hard to find the perfect car seat for your child which is why I am sharing with you the top 5 car seats available to be bought right now by brands you will absolutely love.

1. Joie Every Stage Car Seat


Joie is a UK brand known for their high standard of quality and safety. Making a wide range of baby products from car seats to strollers, Joie is a brand that you can surely trust. One of their notable products is the Every Stage Car Seat, this convertible car seat can be used from ages 0-12 years old which means you only need to buy one car seat for your child. The car seat comes with Guard Surround Safety™ panels which provide extra support for your child. The car seat is designed in a way to be used rearward facing from 0-4 years old and frontward facing from 4-12 years old.  Furthermore, the car seat comes with 5 inclination positions that can suit the comfortably of your child. This car seat also comes with a steel reinforcement frame that provides a solid structural support for your child when on the road. You can get one from Babydash by clicking here.


2. Chicco NextFit Zip Car Seat


Chicco is no stranger to the baby product market. For over 60 years Chicco has demonstrated excellence in delivering their products. Coming from Italy, Chicco is now available  in more than 120 nations worldwide. The Chicco NextFit Zip Car Seat is also a convertible car seat which means you only need to buy one for your child. This car seat comes with a 9 position reclining system with a 6 position head rest. This provides the ultimate customization for you and your child. It is also really convenient to wash your car seat as there is a zip feature to easily wash your seat pad. The recommended use for rear-facing is for babies from 2-8 kg and forward-facing for children from 9-29 kg.  The Chicco NextFit also comes with a sturdy base and extra side protection to protect your child. You can get one on Babydash by clicking here.

3. Maxi-Cosi CabrioFIx


A globally recognized brand, Maxi-Cosi is one of the leaders in the car seat industry. Specializing in car seats, strollers and travel systems, their products are top tier and you won’t be disappointed in them. The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix is lightweight and can be transported into any Maxi-Cosi stroller. This makes unloading and loading your babies really easy and you can carry them out of the car without waking them up. Extra padding provides extra comfort for your child when he/she sits on it while the extra side protection provides additional safety for your child. The CabrioFix comes with the flexibility of using the seat belt of your car or using the Click & Go Maxi-Cosi base.  Bridging both safety and convenience the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix is the go to car seat for you. You can get one here.

4. Nuna Rava


An international brand born from the city of Amsterdam, Nuna produces simple and stylishly designed products using only the best materials. One of their best products is the Nuna Rava car seat, a simple yet beautifully designed car seat. Simplicity is key to Nuna’s design. The Rava comes with a simple installation process that provide a hassle free installation for all parents. The Nuna comes with a steel reinforcement structure that provides a sturdy car seat that allows children up to 22 kg to be rear faced. Laid back legroom and a ventilation panels on the knit fabric provides the finest comfort for a car seat that will make your child feel comfortable even on long trips.  Furthermore the energy absorbing side pads provide extra support and protects your child from danger. You can get a Nuna RAVA here.

5. Halford Tresor


Halford is also a brand that was established in the UK but now has a global presence. Their car seats are not only good in terms on quality but its more affordable than the rest of the other brands mentioned here. The Halford Tresor is a convertible car seat, meaning it can be used for children from ages 0-12 years old. The recommended weight for rearward facing is from 0-13 kg and for forward facing is 9-18 kg. It comes with side impact protection that can protect your child from danger. It also has chest padded wings that can help with additional protection and comfort. Furthermore it comes with a unique pitch control system that reduces the child’s forward movement within the seat. You can buy one on Babydash here.



It is safe to say that these brands produce excellent quality products and we do not need to worry in terms of safety and protection for our kids when we use these car seats. Here is some good news to all parents, Babydash is having a KAWKAW sale throughout the whole month of December! Use the promo codes once you reach the spending amount required and you can save a lot of money. For more information do click here



5 must have car seat accessories

Sometimes just having a car seat while traveling with your baby isn’t enough as your child may have other needs on the road. There are many accessories out there that can help suit the needs of you and your child when everyone is traveling. Here are some of my must have car seat accessories to have in your car at all times. 


1. Baby head and neck pillow


The head and neck pillow is perfect for smaller children who need the extra support. This provides extra comfort that can make your child happy and comfortable in car rides. Not only does it give extra comfort to your child, it also helps to support their heads if they need to take naps. This is a must buy if you take long car rides frequently so that your baby feels comfortable always. You can get one from Babydash here.


2. Cup holder


Stuck in a jam and your baby is hungry? A cup holder can save the day. The cup holder is essential to have for your car seat in order to hold milk bottles in the car. Spilled milk because of bumpy roads is really annoying to clean up so having an accessory like a cup holder to make sure the milk bottle does not spill over will save you a lot of clean up time. For older children, they can easily reach for their drinks when in their car seat so you can focus on driving and not have to worry about them. You can get one from Babydash here.


3. Seat belt shoulder pads 


These shoulder pads are not just cute but also serves a very important function for your child, comfort and protection. These pads can be added to existing belts to add an extra layer of comfort as sometimes seat belts can be uncomfortable for kids. Another great thing about these shoulder pads is that it doubles as a pillow for your child to lean on when sleeping so they can sleep comfortably. You can get one from Babydash here. 


4. Baby car mirror 


If you drive alone with your baby, you probably would have experienced this feeling of worry if your baby is doing okay. With a baby car mirror you won’t have to worry about your child anymore as you can see from the reflection of the mirror how your child is doing at the back . If your baby needs to be attended you can know immediately when to stop the car to This is essential to parents who wish to keep a close eye on their children while still being able to drive safely as always turning your head to the back may not be the safest thing to do on the road. You can grab a mirror here. 


5. Portable fan

Sometimes it gets really hot in the car and that can make your child feel really uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure as parents we would not like a car ride where your child is complaining and crying for the whole journey and that is why having a portable fan is vital for any car journey. This fan from Babydash has a clip that you can clip onto any car seat. If you are using an infant car seat you can clip onto it and keep your child cool when carrying your child outside your car. Keeping your child cool is important, especially in Malaysia where its very very hot.

A car seat can only provide safety and comfort for your child, but there are other factors that make car rides a hassle that can be solved through different accessories. Car rides can be pleasant for you and your child if you have the necessary items in your hands. If you don’t have the items you can always buy it on Babydash. Be sure to check out the 12.12 promotion that is coming really soon. 


Types of car seats and why it’s important to choose the right one

Original Author: Timothy Wee

Transporting infants and babies in cars is something that cannot be avoided and we as parents are lucky as there are many different types of car seats to choose from. With so many choices at our fingertips we often feel like it’s overwhelming choosing the correct car seat for our child. In this blog I would like to share the different types of car seats available on the market and why choosing the correct one is important.


1. Infant Car Seat


The infant car seat is ideal for those ages from 0-2 years old or until the baby reaches the weight limit of the seat. The car seat is also designed to be able to act as a carrier where you can carry your child outside the car. Infant car seats will not be able to carry children who pass the weight and age limit of the car seat so be sure to get a new one when your child gets older. You can buy one here. 

2. Convertible Car Seat


If you’re someone who wants to get more out of your car seat, a convertible car seat would be ideal for you. A convertible car seat can support children from 0-3 years old for rear facing position but front facing after 3 years old. As parents you do not need to buy a new car seat as the baby grows and can reuse the same one. On the down side, a convertible car seat isn’t as portable as an infant car seat and cannot be used as a baby carrier. A convertible car seat is also more bulky and bigger but some may see it as a good thing as it adds extra protection. You can buy one here.

3. 3-in-1 Car Seat


A 3-in-1 car seat is similar to a convertible one but it also has a booster seat functionality. Those of you who would opt for a 3-in-1 car seat will be able to use this seat as your child grows and do not need to buy a new one, perfect for those looking to save some money. You can buy one here.

4. Booster Car Seat


The Booster Car Seat is ideal for children who are old enough to not need the extra bells and whistles of the other 3 car seats. The car seat comes forward facing only and the minimum weight of children for this car seat is around 13-18 kg depending on the model. This kind of car seat should not be bought buy parents with new born babies as it does not come with extra support that infants require. This kind of car seat can help children transition from a car seat to sitting without one. Depending on the model it may come with its own belt but children can also use the car’s safety belt depending on their preference. You can buy one here.

Importance of choosing the type of car seat

Each type of car seat comes with its own set of pros and cons that depend on the stage of growth of your child. As parents we must choose wisely which car seat is ideal for your child as car seats are important when transporting children. Child safety is important and choosing a car seat that provides the optimum safety for your child. Using infant car seats on heavier children may not be ideal as it does not provide the support and protection an older child needs. Moreover, children needs to feel comfortable in their car seat so they don’t feel annoyed and cry for your whole 4 hour journey.

If you’re looking for new car seats Babydash is having a KAW-KAW promotion on car seats of different prices from the 2nd to 31st December 2019. There are some good discounts on a range of car seats, be sure to check it out.


Babydash Shop Shop Shop Event

For the record, is primarily an online store whereby we receive customers’ orders and payments online. We have a warehouse which is mainly for the our team to process and ship out customers’ orders.

Last Saturday (19 August 2017), we did something different. We organized a shopping spree event called Babydash Shop Shop Shop at our warehouse and we invited mommy bloggers / influencers to come and shop with us first hand! We had a very exciting, fun-filled morning where mommies and daddies can shop happily while their kids were entertained by games and toys.

babydash-shop3x-collageThank you everyone for attending our event!

babydash-shop3x-openingBabydash co-founders, Lavinie and Shan Li explaining the flow of the event.

babydash-shop3x-collage-2All mommy bloggers and their little ones in action!

babydash-shop3x-collage-3Little ones were entertained with lots of toys and Mr. Clown with his acts. The adults helped themselves with food.

babydash-shop3x-collage-4Finally, congratulations to all lucky draw winners!

Here are blog posts written by mommy bloggers who attended our #babydashshopshopshop event:

You can also check out this hashtag #babydashshopshopshop on Facebook and Instagram.

New Parents Essentials Checklist by Babydash


If you’re expecting your first child, we believe you’ll be browsing the internet for checklists – what to pack in your hospital bag, which baby items should you buy, where to buy, what are the recommended brands, etc. However, there are so many lists online and trust us, you don’t wanna go through them all and fall into the trap of over-buying or under-prepared. So, we at Babydash have compiled a minimalist yet comprehensive list for your reference.

P.S.: Our Community Lead has just given birth to her second baby boy about three months ago, so she has the latest insights for these checklists. 🙂

Hospital bag checklist (when you go to the hospital!)

Mommy-and-baby bag

  • Disposable maternity pads (in case you need more than what the hospital provides)
  • Disposable panties (highly recommended!)
  • Pyjamas (2-3 sets in case you’re discharged later)
  • Bottom healing spray (we recommend Earth Mama Angel Baby) to aid your bottom’s healing after vaginal birth or cesarean section wound healing salve for C-section mamas
  • Toiletries
  • Going-home clothes (we recommend nursing dress or blouse such as Ratuwear)
  • Nursing bras (2-3 pieces)
  • Nipple cream (we recommend Earth Mama Angel Baby)
  • Newborn sleep-suits, hats, mittens, booties (3-4 sets)
  • Newborn disposable diapers (we recommend 1 pack of Goo.N on standby in case the hospital doesn’t provide sufficient amount of diapers)
  • Swaddles / receiving blankets (1-2 pieces)
  • Birth plan (as approved by ob/gyn)
  • Hospital appointment card
  • Purse (identification card, money, credit card)
  • Mobile phone & charger/power bank

Daddy’s bag

  • T-shirts, pants, underwear, pyjamas, socks
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Mobile phone charger and/or power bank

Note: Please remember to install your newborn’s car seat in your car earlier before you’re due to deliver your baby.

Mommy’s postpartum checklist (for the first 2-3 months)

For your body

For breastfeeding

Mommy’s pumping checklist (when back to work)


Bottle feeding

Baby’s nursery checklist

Toiletries & Grooming





Diaper bag checklist (with kids under 3 years old)

On-the-go / travel checklist

We hope these checklists will be helpful for you!

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