It is devastating to see a lot of businesses had to close down ever since the pandemic happens, and some of these businesses are well-known and close to the hearts of the people. Before yet another one decides to close shop, here are 5 ways of how you can support and help our local businesses to stay afloat during these trying times.

#1 Engage with them online

A lot of businesses these days have Instagram and Facebook accounts. Other than ordering from them, you can do a lot more to help them reach a larger audiences and potentially new customers, that is to like, save, comments, and especially share their posts. Do not underestimate the power of sharing a post as one of your friends/followers on your account might just become their next customer!

#2 Write good reviews and referrals

Words of mouth is still the best way to help bring in new customers! Other than recommending them to your friends and family, you can do it online too — by leaving good reviews on their website, Google Review, and the comment section. Positive reviews assures potential customers that the business is legit and endorsed by real people who have benefited from a product or service.

It means the world to these businesses when someone is happy with their services or love the product that they make so leaving your thoughts in a review or a comment on social media can not only help with audience reach, it can also just make their day, and give them the motivation to keep going when there’s a low period.

#3 Support your neighbourhood shops

You may normally do most of your shopping for groceries and other necessities at big-box stores. But this time, let’s switch it up by choosing to buy your supplies from your neighbourhood kedai runcit! This is a great way to keep them going during difficult times like now.

And some days when you feel lazy to cook, remember to go dabao your favourite nasi lemak at your friendly neighbourhood makcik or roti canai from your neighbourhood mamak restaurant. And if you have the financial means, you can always pay them extra or tell them to “keep the change!” (When else can you say that line? This is the perfect time!).

#4 Buy gift cards or tickets

As small businesses are struggling to keep their businesses alive, one of the ways to keep their revenue coming in, they have to get creatives and have shifted their services to offer gift cards and virtual experiences online. When you’re planning to shop or buy presents for someone’s birthday, look up your favourite local businesses!

Gift cards for future purchases: Service-based businesses that rely on in-person interactions can offer gift cards for return customers who know that they will be booking another appointment once restrictions are loosened.

Virtual experience: Zoos, Pilates and yoga classes, and more are now offering virtual experiences so that you can “go” from the safety and comfort of your own home. Support them by purchasing their online credits or tickets!

#5 Offer your skills

Are you a website designer, developer, or a social media expert? With many businesses had to shut their physical stores and have to quickly shift to selling online, this is the best time to offer your services to them — online marketing, setting up online stores, delivery, logistics, and others. You could consider offering to donate your skills, offer them at a discount, or agree on a deal that suits you both. With your skills and expertise, you might just save another local business from bidding goodbye!