What Type of Babywearing Dad are You? | Ergobaby

If you are new parents who are, well, obviously new to this whole idea of babywearing, here is Babywearing 101 for you! Or.. if you are using a new baby carrier.. there are things you need to know and be aware too! Here are some vital Dos and Don’ts of babywearing, but do ensure that you read your carrier’s safety tips as well!

✔ Practice before you start!

Be sure to try out your carrier before you insert your baby in for the first time. Familiarize yourself with the buckles and straps. You can even practice with a teddy bear or a bag of rice just so you know how to handle your baby’s weight later. You know what they say.. practice makes perfect!

✔ Wear your baby high up

To improve your comfort, wear your baby high. The higher up on the body your baby is, the easier it will be! Do aim to place the carrier at belly button level and the closer it is to your body, the better it is for you. But ensure there are room for breathability. You don’t want to suffocate yourself!

✔ Give support to your baby

A newborn baby’s head always needs support. Whenever you are wearing your baby, always make sure you are supporting their head and keep them securely in the carrier especially when you lean down or bend over.

❌ Overdress your baby

Your closeness with your baby and body heat along with the carrier’s fabric will help to keep your baby warm at all times. Think about the clothes that your baby should be wearing when the weather gets warmer. You don’t want to stuff up or swaddle your baby inside excess fabrics! Do remember that the youngins have poor body heat regulation, hence remember to regularly check their abdomen, forehead, and neck.

❌ Let your baby’s legs dangle

Your baby could be at risk of contracting hips dysplasia if their legs dangle. To prevent that from occurring, kindly ensure that your baby is in frog stance where their bottom and hamstrings are supported by the carrier.

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