I’m down with the flu (caught it from my baby) right now and I can tell you this is not fun at all! Don’t be like me and wait till you are down and out before wondering what you could buy to help reduce the discomfort…both for baby and yourself. By the time you feel sick…you are already too tired to run out and get these things but if this should happen to you, don’t forget you can also buy online and have it delivered straight to your door!

Here are some things you should definitely have at home in your medicine cabinet:

  • A steam vaporizer – to remove the dust, clear the lungs and make it easier to breathe
  • A working thermometer – why is it the one at home always seems to be out of battery when you need it!
  • A good chest rub – to reduce congestion and help you get some rest
  • Medicine dispenser – this helps to reduce the chances of baby’s tongue touching the icky tasting medicine

Our website has a list of just the things you need here: http://www.babydash.com.my/products/care-safety-1/care-category/medicine-cabinet.html?limit=all12342477_914406108613673_624498840807078908_n (2)