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June 2020

Top 5 Swimming Must-Haves!

Swimming is a fun activity that the whole family can partake. And it is also the time to style up your baby in a cute outfit! Since Babydash is having an amazing deal on Cheekaaboo products (click here to know more!), let us show you the Top 5 Swimming Must-Haves featuring Cheekaaboo cute products!

#1 Warmiebabes Suit

An important matter to note before taking your child for a fun day out at the pool is that your child’s body cannot retain their body heat. Hence it is important for you to keep them warm in and out of water so they are comfortable whilst enjoying their time in the pool. Lucky for you, Cheekaaboo has the perfect suit for that! The suit is also chlorine-resistant and has UV protection! Get this Warmiebabes Suit on Babydash’s website by clicking here.

#2 Booggles

Protect your child’s eyes from the pool’s chlorine water with a pair of goggles! Cheekaaboo’s Booggles is cleverly designed with a unique head strap that is made of soft and stretchable Neoprene material. Don’t worry about foggy goggles as Booggles have anti-fog coating to enhance your little one’s swimming experience! They are also lightweight and you can say no to tangling hair as that won’t be the case with a pair of Booggles! To get a pair, just click here to purchase on Babydash.

#3 Reversible Sun Hat

A cute outfit is not complete without a bucket hat! Keep your child protected from the UV rays in this reversible sun hat from Cheekaaboo. The sun hat can be styled in two ways — just flip the inside out and voila! It also has SPF 50+ UV protection and made of soft and stretchable material that gives a cooling effect so your child won’t feel uncomfortable in it. The adjustable drawstring and toggle ensure the sun hat will be in tact and does not fly away when the strong ocean breeze blows! Get one from Babydash by clicking here.

#4 Neoprene Bag

Keep your little one’s stuff – toys, towel, a change of clothes all clean and dry in this Neoprene bag. The bag is roomy and made with the perfect size for your child to conveniently carry around! The material of the bag is sturdy, high-quality and lightweight so it will not tear and fail on you easily. Get one from Babydash here.

#5 Swim Ring

Bring a high-quality swim ring to the pool for your little one’s safety. It is one of the easy ways to help your baby learn and gain water confidence (read more here). It is also practical for travelling and storage as it is compact, lightweight, and easy to inflate and deflate. To purchase one, just click here.

Now your child is ready for a fun day out at the swimming pool! Well, don’t forget to lather your child with SPF, parents. You can purchase one here on Babydash. Have a safe and fun time at the pool!

Easy Ways to Build Water Confidence With Your Little One

I know water can be terrifying for us parents to introduce to our little one. As parents, we should play an active role in encouraging our children to explore something foreign and let them be an adventurer. With the right method and close supervision, they will enjoy their time being in the water! Here are some easy ways I have gathered to help you build water confidence with your little babes.

It is not essential to take your little one to the swimming pool right away. It could also make them feel nervous to see so much water! Hence, the first easy step is to start at home by familiarising your baby with water by conducting fun bath-time activities. Get your baby some bath toys to accompany them bathing. Get this Playgro Floating Sea Friends on Babydash by clicking here.

If you decide to take them out to the pool, be sure to choose a warm pool as babies, especially very young ones are not very good at maintaining their body heat! Always ensure you are equipped with a bathrobe or a towel to wrap them up so they are warm and snuggly when they are out of the water. Or you can first introduce them to a small pool at the comfort of your own home. Just click here to purchase this Whale Shade Pool from Intex on Babydash.

When your little one is more confident and comfortable being in the water, you may want to find the right buoyancy aid to encourage them to try more water confidence activities. The buoyancy aid can help your child to learn how to use their arms and legs to move them along in the water. Get a cute pair of arm floaties from Cheekaaboo on Babydash – just click here.

Also parents, one important matter to note is that to take it slow and do not be pushy. I know sometimes we tend to be impatient when our child does not show any signs of progress but it is important to keep in mind that our child does not built the same as others. Some child are brave, some are a bit cautious. Do not rush them but instead follow your child and keep supporting them at their own pace.

Lastly, just enjoy spending the time together in the water! Swimming is one of the activities that the whole family can take part in together. It is a wonderful way to enjoy each other’s company. Swimming together with a child can develop their water confidence better when they see that everyone is having a good time in the pool.

There you go, folks! These are the easy ways to help build water confidence with your child. It takes a little patience, close supervision, and understanding that your child is not the same as others. Celebrate small wins even it is just them dipping their toes for the first time in the pool!

And great news, Moms & Dads! Cheekaaboo is having an amazing deal on Babydash. Spend a minimum amount of RM79 on Cheekaaboo products to get a colour-changing croco bath book for FREE! Click here to check out the deal.

5 Things All Cool Dads Must Have!

In conjunction with Father’s Day happening this weekend, June 21, 2020 I thought I would list the 5 Things All Cool Dads Must Have. I’m not saying if you don’t have these items you’re not cool, but I’m just saying if you have these items, you are automatically in the Cool Dads Club (if there’s one!).

The #1 item you must have to be included in the Cool Dads Club is a cool-looking diaper bag. You might think there is no diaper bag in the market is looking cool enough to be carried by dads. Fret not, daddies! This diaper backpack from Terminus Bag is perfect for you! It has spacious compartments that you can even fit a 15-inch laptop! So not only you can store your baby essential items, you can store yours too! Get the diaper backpack here on Babydash website.

#2 item that elevates you daddies into the Cool Dads Club is when you are babywearing! This Cudl from Nuna will make sure you are looking cool & stylish while carrying your little one around. Its adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt provide all over comfort you need while evenly distributing your baby’s weight. Your baby will enjoy and feel comfortable being in it as it is made from certified Oeko-Tex® fabric. To purchase one, just click here.

While you’re looking all cool and stylish when you’re out, well daddies, put on your Dad-The-Builder cap on at home when you are building blocks with your little one for the #3 item in the list! Building blocks promotes creativity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and a lot more other amazing benefits. After all, a father-child bond is important for your child’s growth! Get a set of blocks from Hape Toys from Babydash website by clicking here.

If your child is big enough and all ready for the next milestone – riding a bike, be sure to get this item #4! This tricycle from Smart Trike is a good start for you dads to teach your little ones on how to ride a bike. The trike is built for utility, safety, and convenience. It does not only suitable for toddlers, but also for babies as early as 6 months! It is a great investment as it will grow with your child until they are ready to pedal and steer independently. You may purchase one on Babydash just by clicking here.

The last item, #5 that you must have in order to join the Cool Dads Club is a sleek black stroller! This Kuki Travel Stroller by Baby Monster is the perfect stroller for travelling parents as it compact and light (only weighs 5.2kg!) but at the same time it is comfortable for your baby even a newborn. While you are travelling in style, this stroller will definitely add to the Cool Dad vibes! Just click here to purchase one.

Now that you have known the 5 Things Cool Dads Must Have, you are one step closer to join the club! Now you can purchase the items above at a more discounted price as Babydash is having a Father’s Day Special! Get extra 10% OFF over and above our already sale price when you apply code FATHERSDAY10 at checkout! Just click here to check out the sale. Promo valid only until 21 June 2020.

No matter if you are a Cool Dad, Fierce Dad, Sporty Dad or even a First Time Dad, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Father’s Day! I hope you will have an amazing one with your loved ones cause you deserve it for all the beautiful things you’ve done for your family! ❤

Bedtime Ritual To Help Baby Sleep Better At Night

We know how normally babies don’t sleep through the night and it is sometimes will take a toll on parents! It is not a perfect process and it is all about trying new things and see which is best for your baby. Here I gather
5 bedtime rituals to help you (especially if you are a new parent!) get through the process.

#1 Give your baby a warm bath, then give them a massage

Bathtime is a great way to start your baby’s pre-sleep ritual. Warm bath especially will help your baby to feel more relaxed before bed. Giving them a gentle body rub or massage after a bath will help promote good blood circulation, hence your baby will sleep better. It is also an amazing way to make your baby feels secure and loved! Get one from Badger for your baby on Babydash by clicking here.

#2 Swaddle your baby to keep them warm and snuggly

Babies are used to warm temperature ever since they were in the womb. To provide the warmth for your baby, it is best to swaddle them up for bed so they would feel warm and snuggly so they can have a good night’s sleep. But remember not to swaddle too tight as it might put your baby’s health at risk! Purchase one set from aden+anais on Babydash’s website by clicking here.

#3 Offer your baby a feed to ensure they sleep comfortably with a full tummy

To ensure your baby get an uninterrupted sleep at night (hopefully!), try offering them a feed before bed so their tummy is full and can sleep peacefully and comfortably without having to wake them up in the middle of the night for a feed!

#4 Darken the room and keep the ambience calm and cozy

Get your baby to feel relaxed by dimming the light of the room. This would make them feel sleepy and fall asleep eventually. It is also important to make sure your baby sleeps in a calm and cozy ambience. To get you achieve that, you can place an aromatic diffuser to create a spa-like atmosphere. Get one from Crane here on Babydash.

#5 Place your baby in their cot and turn on a lullaby

Lastly, place your baby in their cot and put on a white noise or a lullaby (or parents can sing the lullaby too!). This will encourage your baby to fall asleep on their own. If you don’t want to sing the lullaby, you can purchase this portable baby soother from Skip Hop on Babydash by clicking here.

There you go, folks! I would like you to note that these tips might or might not be working on your baby as each baby has different needs. But hey, there is no harm in trying!

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