It was truly lovely to be able to spend our Saturday afternoon with a bunch of driven and talented women who all owned and ran their own businesses. On 9 April, I attended tea organised by Moms4Projects ( to meet and share experiences with other women entrepreneurs.

We heard stories from women who left the corporate world after over 15 years to start something on their own…others who were stay at home mums who lost the confidence to go back out and do something for themselves, but who persevered, tried anyway and came out successful because of it.

Here are some pictures and a few stories to share with all of you. FullSizeRender (10)

This is Angie who owns and runs Moms4projects. A community dedicated to helping women (and especially mothers) succeed in business.

FullSizeRender (15)Meet Emily who decided to turn her passion in arts and crafts into a business of her own. She runs Emuniqueletters which you can follow on Instagram to check out her unique and beautiful designs. Very useful as gifts and for those who want to decorate their kids rooms!FullSizeRender (9)FullSizeRender (8)We also met the girls who run Kunyit Grocer who run out of a Facebook account. They deliver fresh organic produce straight to your doorstep! Very interesting and healthy alternative to all the chemical and preservative infused food of today!FullSizeRender (14)This is Joyce of who blogs about healthy eating tips for kids! Check out her blog for some very interesting recipes to try out for your little one.


Can’t remember what I was sharing but someone must’ve said something funny 🙂IMG_4845

Missed out on the group picture as I left just before! But it’s ok because will be catching up with all these lovely ladies again at the fair on 7-8 May at The School, Jaya One. Do join us if any of you are free as there will be lots to buy and fun filled activities to entertain the kids!