Alejandra Alonso (@alealonval) | Twitter

Looking at the situation that we are currently in I know staying at home is the best way to break the COVID-19 chain and help to flatten the curve. But we all know how kids get restless easily when they are being cooped in the house for so long! If you are planning to bring your kids out, be sure to follow the SOP and guidelines set by the government. For extra precaution when you are out with your family, here are some tips I have gathered for you!

#1 Check the area/restaurant

Prior to going out, you should do your homework by finding out:

  • the area is classified as a green/red zone.
  • any COVID-19 cases reported within the area.

We must avoid the places with reported positive cases so we are not exposed to be in the risk of contracting the virus! If you find the area is A-Okay and safe for you and your family, then there is one less thing to worry about.

#2 Maintain physical distance

When you get to the restaurant, ensure that you maintain a physical distance of at least a meter between yourself and other restaurant guests. And do avoid touching or hugging anyone else (in case you bump into someone you know in the restaurant!).

#3 Disinfect the surfaces

I know most of the restaurants did a great job disinfecting their tables after their guests leave. But why not take an extra step by disinfecting once more, especially when putting our baby in the high chair! We all know babies have poor immune system still, so it is important to keep the germs and viruses away from them. Purchase Chomel’s Travel & High Chair Cleaner on Babydash. Super convenient to bring out as it is only 100ml in size!

#4 Contactless payment

Since we need to minimize touching as much as we can, it is best to opt for contactless payment whenever you can since some restaurants do not offer the service. It is also better to ask for your bill at your table rather than walking to counter and queuing with other guests so you don’t crowd the area.

Above all these, do ensure that you and your family are wearing mask and always take care of your hands hygiene! Stock up your kid’s mask supply and hand sanitizer on Babydash website.

For extra protection, get the Face Shield Protective Hat!

I know we’ve seen and heard these messages thousand of times ever since we are in the pandemic. But each one of us has to play the part in the community to break the COVID-19 chain and that includes reminding each other of these little things! Stay safe, everyone. #kitajagakita ❤