Organic/natural acquisitions allow the food industry to align CSR messages  with product portfolio: Euromonitor

We have known and seen how organic products are deemed as clean, good, and is the way to go as far as the lifestyle goes. And so often the word “organic” is used by sellers and marketers to attract customers to purchase their products. Organic this, organic that. But firstly, what is organic? An organic product is made from something living, a plant, vegetable or fruit. The ingredients of the products must come from renewable/plentiful source found in nature and use sustainable farming practices.

Due to the nature of the product, the use of organic/natural cleaning solutions in a household are becoming more popular. Using organic/natural cleaning solutions allows you to take better care of your home and your family. How? With organic/natural cleaners, you won’t have to worry about the exposure to toxins as they don’t contain harsh chemicals like regular household cleaners do. There is no risk of breathing in the harsh chemicals lingering in the air or come in contact with toxins that remain on the surfaces throughout your home.

Organic/natural cleaning solutions are safer to use. Regular cleaners in the market could cause multiple risks such as chemical burns or illness when ingested. The use of organic/natural cleaning solutions in your home are safe especially when you have a baby around as they are made of natural ingredients hence there are no dangers if inhaled or come into contact with the skin!

Using organic/natural cleaning solutions will result in a healthier environment. As there are no harsh chemicals in the products, they will help reduce water and air pollutions. Regular cleaners can easily escape into a water supply and water treatment plants will face difficulty to treat a large volume of chemicals. Also, many organic/natural cleaning solutions are now packed in smaller bottles and concentrated forms which help to reduce waste.

Do organic/natural cleaning solutions work? Yes, they do! Many organic/natural cleaners do pick up grease and stains as well as regular cleaners. They have been demonstrated to be just as effective at tackling various cleaning work as regular cleaning products. I mean, there are growing numbers of organic/natural cleaning solutions in the market, right? They must mean something! 😆

Here are some organic/natural cleaning solutions that you can find on Babydash which you can use to clean your home. Click the links to purchase!

This removes the stains and spills. Spritz some on clothes, bibs or blankets and proceed to wash for clean and refreshed fabrics!

Unlike the name suggested, the cleanser is truly versatile in cleaning other items too, such as vegetables and fruits! Definitely safe to use and pocket-friendly as it serves as a multi-purpose cleaner.

When you have a little one around, especially when they are at exploring stage, it is best to clean the floor with an antibacterial cleaner that leaves no harmful residue to keep them safe!

I know how organic/natural products have higher price points compared to the regular products, but can you put a price tag on safety? Better be safe than sorry, folks! Also, at Babydash, we have lowest prices all year long 😉 And with that.. stay safe and sane, everyone ❤