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November 2015

Why is the expiry date so close?

We hear this question a lot! This is one of the most common questions we get about organic and natural baby food. The question you should really be asking is not why is the expiry date so close….but rather, why is the expiry date so far away.

If you think about it, food can be made to last longer by using chemicals and preservatives. So our advice is, do take a good look at the list of ingredients included in any products which you will be giving your babies.

One of the baby food brands we tell our customers about is Organix ( because of their No Junk Promise. Their promise is that there is nothing in their food which cannot be found in any normal kitchen – absolutely no preservatives, no chemicals, always organic and nothing unnecessary.

Take a closer look at the list of ingredients they include in their products. Here’s an example:

For a full list of products by Organix, head to:


The Babydash Mummies’ Top 5 Sleep Tips!

Firstly, have a quick look at this sleep chart we’ve included so you know how much sleep your child really should be getting. Don’t worry too much if your child isn’t getting all this sleep though, the reality is not all babies do!

sleep 2

We’ve read loads of websites and books about how to get your baby to sleep but this is coming from our own experience (we’ve got 4 kids between the two of us!) and feedback we’ve gotten from other parents.

Tip #1: Stick to a routine, whatever that routine may be…we find a soothing warm bath, followed by massage, a bedtime story, and then some quiet time is a good way to help calm a baby down.

Tip #2: Give your baby a good bedtime massage before getting ready for sleep. YouTube has lots of good videos on how to give your baby a massage. Check out baby massage oils by Mustela, Weleda and Buds which are all natural and safe for babies.

Tip #3: Make sure there are some sleep inducing smells and sounds around. Lavendar is a good scent to have that calms babies down. We also sell natural sleep balms which we have been told work well – try out Badger’s Night-Night Balm or Buds Calming Tummy Rub. If you have Lavendar essential oil, sprinkle some around your baby’s room as well.

Tip #4: Ensure your baby takes naps throughout the day…trying to put an overly tired/overly stimulated baby down to sleep is near impossible.

Tip #5: Keep yourself calm and remember they are only babies for a short while….enjoy the moment because before you know it, they will be loud opinionated teenagers with a mind of their own.

Having said all that, here’s a picture of how my little one falls asleep sometimes 🙂

Raeka sleeping!

Good luck mummies and daddies! Call us if you ever need any more tips or help with this!

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