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July 2020

5 Must-Haves for Working Breastfeeding Moms

Is your maternity leave ending and are you heading back to work soon? Do you feel unsure whether you will be able to continue nursing your precious one once you start working again? Well, fret not, mommies! You do not have to give up your the nursing routine that has already been well-established, even when you are at work! The journey is different now and it may not be as easy but it is totally doable, I promise you. In this post, I will line up the
5 must-have items that you will help you pumping at work!

#1 Double Electric Breast Pump

While you are at work, you need a breast pump that is portable and flexible that will let you pump easily and hassle-free. This 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump from Spectra is perfect for you! They are compact in size and super lightweight too. Their ultra-quiet operation enables you to pump discreetly without interrupting anyone else. To purchase one from Babydash, just click here.

#2 Nursing Cover

Well mommies, a nursing cover is essential to help you pump anytime, anywhere! If you do not have time to go to the nursing room, just slip one in and you are ready to pump. This nursing apron from Lilie Pilie is made of 100% breathable cotton to ensure you will have the maximum comfort and ventilation. The dimensions and enlarged size of the apron designed to ensure protection of your modesty — so you can pump at peace and worry-free! A mesh bag is attached to the apron allows easy storage and portability. Available in four pretty prints, check them out here on Babydash.

#3 Collection Cup Set

Busy day at work? Cannot make it to the nursing room? No problem! This Closed System Breast Milk Collection Cups from Freemie will help you express your breast milk out! These cups allow you to pump anywhere — fully clothes and hands-free! So you can continue to do your job at your desk uninterrupted. This works great while you are driving too! Get this amazing item on Babydash just by clicking here.

#4 Cooler Bag

Don’t let your hard work goes to waste by not storing them properly! This Fun Foldaway Cooler Bag from Autumnz is a practical choice for all breastfeeding mommies especially when you are working! Keep your breast milk bottles in this bag so you can bring home easily. The bag has been tested to keep milk cold for 12 hours (with reusable ice pack!). The best thing is, when your breastfeeding journey has ended, this bag can be used as a cosmetic bag too! To purchase one on Babydash, just click here.

#5 Reusable Ice Pack

When you have a cooler bag, throw in a reusable ice pack to keep the milks cold even longer (just in case you would have to work at longer hours!). This Shaped Cooling Element from Medela is contoured shape designed perfectly to fit around breast milk bottles. Just keep it in the freezer overnight and plop it in the cooler bag next day to bring it to work. Get one on Babydash here.

There you have it, mommies! These five items will help you continue your breastfeeding journey even when work is calling you. Do not feel bad and worry if you are not a good mother just because you have to leave your baby for work. Remember to always ask for help and support when you need one! You are strong, you are brave, and most of all, you are an amazing mommy!

To celebrate you wonderful breastfeeding mommies, Babydash is having Breastfeeding Week Special on the website. The promo runs until 2 August 2020. Check out the sale by clicking here. Time to stock up on your supplies!

In conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week that is happening soon, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Breastfeeding! You are doing an amazing job, so keep on going! You can do this, mommies! ❤

5 Breastfeeding Myths

I’m pretty sure all you soon-to-be or (currently) breastfeeding mommies have been bombarded by loads of tips and tricks when it comes to breastfeeding online or even by friends and family! But the question is, are they facts or myths? Well, don’t get confused! Let me straighten up
5 Breastfeeding Myths you have probably heard before!

#1 Breastfeeding mommies should only eat plain food

Breastfeeding mommies should eat like how a normal person would that is a healthy, balanced diet. There is no need to change your food habits when you are on your breastfeeding journey unless you have food allergy, of course. Your baby is exposed to your food preferences since they were in the womb. However if you think your baby reacts a certain way to the food you consumed, it is best to consult your doctor.

#2 Drink milk = produce more milk

Drinking milk has nothing to do your breast milk supply! You are however should always keep yourself hydrated with any form of liquid — fruit juices or even just plain water. It is very important to have a healthy diet as your body will take up the necessary nutrients to add to the breast milk. Hence if you are not eating healthily, your body will further be undernourished as it continues to supply the baby with nutrients.

#3 Breastfeeding always hurt

Breastfeeding rarely hurts. You however, may experience discomfort in the first few days after birth when your baby is learning to breastfeed. Your nipples may become sensitive due to an increased hormone level after delivery and increased contact with your baby during feeding. But with the right support positioning your baby while feeding and ensuring your baby is correctly attached to your breast, sore nipples can be prevented. But if it does occur, you can always get support or consult a skilled professional or use a nipple butter!

#4 You should wash your nipples before a feed

Washing your nipples before breastfeeding your baby is not necessary! When babies are born, they are already familiar with their mommy’s scents and sounds. The nipples produce a substance that the baby smells and has ‘good bacteria’ that could help to promote babies’ immunity for life.

#5 Many mothers do not produce enough breast milk

Most if not all mothers produce enough breast milk for their babies. There are indeed many women who think they don’t or can’t produce enough milk supply to support her baby’s needs. But you should know that breast milk production is determined by the ability of your baby latched on to the breast, the frequency of breastfeeding, how well your baby is removing the milk with each feeding. Also pay attention to the number of wet and poopy diapers which shows that your baby is well-fed 🙂

Now that these myths have been busted, you can now continue to breastfeed peacefully! I know this journey can be hard on some mothers and please know that it is not a ‘one woman job’ and you need all the support that you can get! Please don’t be shy or scared to ask for help. Always reach out to your husband and loved ones if you ever need anything. Always be in a positive and supportive environment and think of happy thoughts only. You can do this and we are all rooting for you, mommies! Happy breastfeeding! ❤

5 Things You Need To Know Before Sending Your Kids To School

As I mentioned in my previous post, our lives had not been the same since the COVID-19 pandemic started and it had affected every walks of life – adults and children alike. The reopening of school is important and hopefully a welcome step for both parents and children to life post-MCO or the new normal. I believe there are tons of questions that are going through your minds that need answers – the risks, school SOPs, and more.

#1 Coronavirus infects kids at much lower rates than adults

Evidence has shown that children are less likely than adults to have symptoms of severe disease when contracted with Coronavirus. As said by Professor Russell Viner, from the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, “Our findings show children and young people appear 56% less likely to contract Covid-19 from infected others”. Not to say that we should not worry about our kids, but amid uncertainties, research like this gives us parents a pinch of clarity and hope!

Going back to school is going to be different (at least for now!) than what you and your kid were used to before. But it is important for schools to reopen as schools do not only provide academics learning to the children, but also social and emotional skills that online learning cannot provide. For some kids, schools act as a safe space too.

#2 School’s role

To stay safe and protect the health of students, teachers, staffs and their families, there are a number of practical measures that schools can take, which includes:

  • Staggering the start and end of the school session
  • Staggering recess time
  • Move classes to temporary spaces or outdoors
  • Fewer students in a classroom
  • Masks for all adults and older students
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces
  • Wash hands!

Water and hygiene facilities play an important part of schools to reopen safely as everyone has to wash their hands regularly, hence school administrators must always find ways to keep improving the hygiene measures. Although checking everyone’s temperature may seem impossible, schools must be vigilant and always be reminding students, staffs and teachers to stay off school and stay home if they have a fever or any signs of illness.

#3 Parents concerns and questions to school

During this trying and difficult time, it is only natural to have a lot of questions, more so when it is involving our children. Although schools’ standard operating procedures (SOP) is set by the ministry, here are some helpful questions you may want to include to ask:

  • What steps have the school taken to help ensure the safety of students?
  • How can I add value to school safety efforts?
  • How will the school refer to children who may need referrals for specialized support?

#4 Pressure to catch up

Some schools practiced online-learning but I believe some students may not have gained much from it and some may struggle even more, with the lack of Internet access and more. Many schools may have planned to conduct extra classes to catch-up on their learning and help them back up to speed when schools reopen. Hence, give extra support to your child at home and help them with whatever you can to make them feel better!

#5 Child’s emotional support and mental health

Going back to school can overwhelm a child especially after months of staying home! Parents and schools should remember that children deal with the stress of the ongoing crisis differently. Hence it is important to create a conducive, supportive, and nurturing environment by responding to their expressions of feelings and questions positively. Show them support and tell them that it is totally normal to be anxious or to feel frustrated. Never neglect their feelings!

So, parents, I hope these could help you prepare and ease your mind even a bit! The number of cases in our country has subsided day by day, but we should always take the necessary preventive measures to keep fighting against it. On another note, happy going back to school, kids! Stay safe ❤

The #NewNorm – 5 Essential Items!

What the pandemic of COVID-19 has taught us all is that we have to be extra mindful and extra hygienic. Ever since the first phase of Movement Control Order (MCO) was introduced on March 18, 2020, our daily lives had not been the same and since then the term the new normal was widely used. Although the number of cases in our country subsides day by day, we should not take it lightly but to continue following the guidelines provided by our Health Ministry, especially when we have a child in our care. So here I will line up the 5 Essentials Items for The #NewNorm that you should have to take on-the-go with you and your child.

The very #1 item that you must have with you is disposable face masks. At Babydash, we have a 3-ply disposable face masks specially made for children age 4-12 years old from Autumnz. The mask is made from soft and breathable material that is comfortable to wear — so your child would not feel stuffy in it! Get a box or two by clicking here.

Of course water and soap are the best combo for clean hands, but they are not always accessible any time. Hence, the #2 best option is to clean your hands with a hand sanitizer. I know using a lot of anti-bacterial agents can cause dryness to your skin, however the hand sanitizer from Chomel would not as it has Vitamin E to help moisturize your hands! And it is safe to be used by your child too due to its plant-based ingredients. Click here to purchase one on Babydash.

The #3 item that is essential to bring on your day out is an anti-bacterial surface cleaner! Spritz and wipe the germs and bacteria off the surfaces of the baby’s high chair at any restaurants before you place your baby in. This one from Buds is formulated with plant-based ingredients and definitely is safe for your entire family to use. It is handy to take with you due to its compact size. You may purchase one from Babydash by clicking here.

Wipes are great when you want to be quick or in a rush. The #4 essential item is an anti-bacterial wipes. Just like a surface cleaner, wipes work just the same! You can wipe anything off with a single sheet. This pack of wipes from CareMo is alcohol free and has aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize and soothe the skin. It is very convenient and excellent to use anywhere at any time. Just click here to buy a pack on Babydash.

Lastly, #5 essential item to have is a diaper bag! You need a diaper bag to store all the essentials above, parents! The one from Skip Hop is extremely practical to go about with as it has 10 pockets to store all your baby’s essentials, yours and your worries in it 😆 The bag comes with a cushioned changing pad — a great thing to have at times like this! Check out all the other cool and pretty designs here on Babydash.

There you have it, parents! Remember to always and keep on practicing social distancing, wash or sanitize your hands regularly, and wear face mask when you are out. The #NewNorm is indeed the new cool. Stay safe, everyone! ❤

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