Lavinie and I have been talking a lot lately about how we do not want to just end up another faceless e-commerce site. We wanted to meet our customers and listen to them, find out what they think we could do better or more of.

That’s why we decided to have our first ever Coffee Morning last week at the Aether Cafe (Taman Tun).

We want our customers to know that we are mummies too and that we know what they are going through. We also want our customers to know we don’t just add stuff to sell on our site, we do lots of research, read reviews and really understand the products before we decide to add them to our site.

We’d like to thank our sponsors, Mustela Malaysia for sponsoring some lovely goody bags for the event! We also gave out Goo.N diapers for our customers to try and see if they liked.

YW_0028_20160219 Baby Dash event

We met lots of other mummy entrepreneurs as well! Like Joyce who runs a food blog; Angie who runs, Liyana who owns MananaCovers, Sangeeta from Mama Preloved Books KL…and many more.

We shared a bit about Babydash…how we started and where we’d like to get to. Listened to great feedback and suggestions on what we could do more of! Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback and ideas!

YW_0118_20160219 Baby Dash event.JPG

There was great food…hmmm…didn’t get a photo of the nutella and salted caramel mille crepes (they were yum!)

Adorable bubs…

Books and products on display…

And excellent conversations!

Thank you all for joining us! We hope to have many more of these to come. It was so nice to have a day out, meet our customers who have now become friends…and to share experiences with like-minded mummies!


YW_0135_20160219 Baby Dash event.JPG