With abundance of skincare brands for mom and baby these days, parents may find it hard to choose the right products for them – organic or natural, as babies have soft, delicate skin. To read more on the differences, jump into our previous post here. And to help you pick, in this post, I’ll share the top 5 natural skincare brands loved by moms in our Babydash community.

#1 Buds Organic

Buds Organic consists of organic and natural products that are made from the highest quality, ethically sourced, and sustainably farmed ingredients. Their products are ECOCERT-certified that are completely safe for infants, mild on the skin, yet very effective to help with skin problems. Buds Organic offers a huge range of products not only for babies, but kids and moms too.

Parents from our community love the Buds Everyday Organics’ Infant Head to Toe Cleanser in particular, as it gives no bad reactions to their newborns, helps with dry skin condition, and has a very nice smell! And mommies swore by Buds Cherished Organics’ Nursing Salve as it helps to minimize the pain they get when their babies first latch making breastfeeding a better experience for them.

#2 Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama Organics is another brand that new moms and pregnant women love globally as they look to the brand for safe herbal products for baby care, and to effectively treat the discomforts of pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.

We particularly received rave reviews on Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm from our parents community. They love how the balm works wonders on their babies while some even said that the balm is a must-have item and has been using it for years and years! It can not only be used to treat nappy rash, but also minor burns, new piercings, and more — truly a versatile balm that can be used by everyone! Another well-loved product from Earth Mama Organics is their Earth Mama Organic Milkmaid Tea which has helped mommies to increase their breast milk supply after consuming it after only two days!

#3 Mustela

Mustela products have high-tolerance formulas made with 95% natural ingredients on average, Mustela’s baby and child skincare products can be used from birth. Their complete range includes cleansing products for the daily routine and specific skincare products for each type of skin.

Mommies in our community love Mustela’s No Rinse Cleansing Water as it is super practical and an essential to have when going out. You can use to wash your or your kids’ hands without it leaves a sticky feeling. Some even uses it to double cleanse their baby’s bum after a diaper change! Another product from Mustela that mommies swore by is Hydra Bébé® Body Lotion as it contains all the awesome stuff that could even cure eczema and it smells heavenly!


CHOMEL products are made of plant-based, natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic and readily biodegradable. Their products are also halal certified and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

If you’re looking a cleanser that is low in pH, yet very effective to clean your greasy breast pump and its parts, try CHOMEL Breast Pump & Bottle Cleanser as mommies in our community agreed on its effectiveness in cleaning milk fats and residues and one even uses it to wash vegetables and fruits too as its ingredients are food grade. Another CHOMEL product that is loved by moms is the Travel & High Chair Cleaner. It is compact in size, which makes it easier to bring on the go. It is also very effective in cleaning dirt, grease, oil, and anything on a high chair!

#5 Tanamera

Tanamera is all-natural products made of herbs such as cinnamon, turmeric, wild ginger, and more. Their products and the packaging are eco-friendly, which is completely safe for everyone and the environment. They do not test their products on animals and contains no artificial perfume, colouring or preservatives.

New mommies especially love their Post Natal Set that is designed according to traditional Malay after birth therapies, which have helped them cope with the stress after delivery and enhance the recovery process. The set provides a comprehensive and convenient solution to your after birth care especially if you decide to berpantang alone. Another product from Tanamera that stands out is Baby Spot Massage Oil + Organic VCO from their Kidz range. Mommies love how it helps to soothe their colicky, uneasy baby. It smells nice too as it is infused with lavender, geranium, and tangerine essential oils.