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April 2021

Raya With An Infant? Here’s What You Need To Do!

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Raya (aka Eid Mubarak) is approaching soon and it is one of my favourite festivities of the year! And I bet it’s yours too especially if you are celebrating it for the first time with your baby! I know it too can be stressful planning the whole festivity – outfits, meals (Rendang, yumm!), decorations, and to top it all, we are still living in the pandemic that doesn’t seem to go away. And because of that, it’s important for us to stay home and celebrate it safely with our immediate household, particularly when you have a baby around. However, if you do need to attend to your Raya visits, here are some tips to a safe and fuss-free Raya visiting with your baby!

It is a great idea to go out when your baby is calm and happy. Hence, before going out, you want to ensure your baby is well-fed and had nappy change. A well-fed baby is a happy baby and a fresh diaper will ensure your baby stays comfortable. And it is also important that your baby is kept at the right temperature. You can check whether your baby is too warm or cold by feeling their forehead. Do dress your baby appropriately to the weather so your baby feels cozy and comfy the whole time they are out!

Consider to pack your diaper bag as if you are going on a short trip although you are only planning to go out for a short while! It is always a good idea to be prepared in case your baby needs a nappy change or gets hungry. What you’ll need to pack:

If your baby begins to get fussy or upset, try to see if you can figure out why. Normally, your baby always has a reason for why they’re crying (this is their way of talking to us!). You may want to consider: Is your baby hungry? Does your baby need their diaper changed? Or perhaps your baby is tired. Therefore, you might want to check if their diaper is full or offer to feed to see if they are hungry. If none of these are working, it’s best to get yourself excused and go home where your baby feels more comfortable.

When you are out visiting, do keep your baby close to mommy and daddy, so they’ll know they are always safe and comfortable. Another important thing to note is to not let others hold your baby. If someone asks to hold your baby, you are allowed to say no, politely. The less people that hold your baby, the less likely your baby will get sick. This also applies to letting people rub their hair, kiss them or touch their skin. Keep your baby away from sick and germ-filled hands! This may be hard to practice cause you might be scared that you offend people but remember, you are doing what’s best for your baby, especially in this pandemic!

Top 4 Best Silicone Breast Pumps

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I know it can be quite troublesome to carry your bulky electric breast pumps day in and day out and being at risk of losing small and loose parts of the breast pumps in the process. Well, you can save that trouble now with one of the coolest inventions to womankind – silicone breast pumps! Silicone breast pumps function by using powerful suction to draw the milk out of your breast. It is designed to be used while you are breastfeeding.

In this post, I will list down the Top 4 Best Silicone Breast Pumps that you can purchase on Babydash.

Silicone Manual Breastmilk Collector from Autumnz

This silicone breastmilk collector from Autumnz is handy for moms to bring on the go as you can just chuck it in your handbag without it taking so much space. It is super easy to use with only a light squeeze to initiate suction and your breast milk will be collected, just like that! It is also perfect for an immediate express and a relief when breasts get too swollen! However, the downside of this product is the small size as you are only able to collect your breast milk only up until 90ml but then again, it is great for storage! And the price? Super affordable! It is only RM20 on our site now that it is on sale! Purchase here.

Silicone One-Piece Breast Pump from Dr. Brown’s™

No more wasted breast milk with this silicone breast pump from Dr. Brown’s! It enables you to collect your breast milk to the last drop or up until 120ml with only a gentle suction. And when you are out of home or in the office, this silicone breast pump ensures that you can pump in silence without your colleague or anyone knowing! The easy-pour design is too a plus point, makes it easier for you to transfer your breast milk into another bottle for storage. But some mommies have tried and said the drawback of this breast pump is that the gentle suction may be too soft that it is not enough to get any milk out. But, with only RM75.65, you will also get Dr. Brown’s™ Options+™ bottle and a storage cap – a super deal! Click here to buy.

Kolektor Silicone Breast Pump & Milk Collector from Treenie

Its compact size makes it convenient to be used anywhere. And not only it acts as a milk collector, what mommies love about it, it can also be a mini pump and by squeezing Milk Collector repeatedly, it also can help to enhance milk flow which makes it ideal for busy moms who need that little help when breasts become full. And just like Autumnz, this too can only fit up until 90ml which may not be enough for some. Nonetheless, this is great for moms who want to try one out as it comes with a low price tag of only RM28.29 on our site. Get one here.

Silicone Breast Pump from Haakaa

Bet a lot of you have heard a lot of good reviews on the Silicone Breast Pump from Haakaa! Many mommies love it for the right reasons – convenient and requires no hard work! It also effectively helps to express out milk out of your breast enough for it to collect hindmilk (the thicker milk that comes out after your letdown). Although Haakaa silicone pumps come with a higher price tag compared to the rest, ranging from RM69-RM109 on our site, it is also made of eco-friendly material that is completely safe for both your baby and planet. Other than that, Haakaa silicone pumps have two sizes – 100ml and 150ml with eye-catching accessories for you to choose. Check them out here.

And to be fair, all of these silicone breast pumps listed are all cordless, which means you don’t need electricity to make it work, hence, you can even pump when there’s a power outage! They are also easy to clean as there are no tiny parts that you need to be mindful of. So there’s no need for you to reassemble after cleaning but to just start pumping right away!

Shop breast pumps and its accessories on our site now.

Organic Milk Formula: The Pros & Cons

The dos and don'ts of safe formula feeding

While it is a known fact that breast milk should be the primary choice for your baby’s first six months to achieve optimal growth, development, and health, however, in cases when breastfeeding is inadequate or not possible, infant milk formula would be an alternative and supplementary source of nutrition. With the huge range of infant milk formula available in the market now, it can get overwhelming for parents to decide on the right one for your baby. And that includes deciding to go for the organic or non-organic ones. So, what is organic milk formula?

Just like any other organic produce or dairy products, in order for a milk formula to be labelled organic by The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 95% of the ingredients used to formulate the milk formula must come from farms that practice sustainable agriculture – which means pesticides and fertilisers made with synthetic ingredients are not used. In addition to that, any animals used to produce organic food must have not been fed with growth hormones or antibiotics.

With more and more concerns risen about our food sources and the potential harmful chemicals that our food may be exposed to, going for organic milk formula seems to be convenient for parents who want to minimize their baby’s risk to exposing to traces of pesticides and dangerous chemicals with manufacturing milk formula. It is also the best choice for babies with an impaired immune system or endocrine dysfunction as it can help to reduce further health complication associated with drinking milk formula that possibly have harmful chemicals residues.

As organic milk formula is formulated to mimic to that of breast milk without the use of any synthetic or artificial ingredients, especially artificial sweeteners, it is often more easily ingestible and more gentle than non-organic milk formula. Chances of developing an intolerance to unnatural ingredients that could cause diseases related to the digestive system will be immensely reduced too, making organic milk formula is healthier for your baby.

Organic milk formula is highly packed with vitamins and minerals that are needed for your baby to thrive. They are often loaded with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and oligosaccharides that help to create a healthy gut which makes digestion much easier and overall immune system stronger. Another cool thing that makes parent choose organic milk formula is the presence of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids specifically help in brain, eyes, and nerves development which are essential for your baby.

Like any other organic goods, organic milk formula too comes with a higher price tag than non-organic ones. With all the nutrients an organic milk formula has, it may be worth considering to buy it as it also will help reduce the exposure to chemicals and pesticides over time. After all, a healthy baby is a well-fed baby.

Shop milk formulas on Babydash now – from Bellamy’s, Bubs Organic, and more!

Tips to Make Mealtime Fun for Your Toddler

Sample Meal Plan for Feeding Your Toddler (Ages 1 to 3) - Unlock Food

Having a picky eater at home can be quite a challenge as it can turn every meal into a battle. And it shouldn’t be that way because mealtime is supposed to be a fun get-together with the rest of the family! Lightening up the mood and getting artsy with food are great ways to take the stress out of mealtime and bring fun to the table, while getting your tot to eat! Here are few tips that you can try to make mealtimes more enjoyable.

#1 Make it colourful

Did you notice non-nutritious foods are usually lacking in colours (like cookies and crackers)? Unless they contain artificial colouring or dyes, which is a big no-no for your tot! Try creating a colourful plates of fruits and vegetables! The colours will not only stimulate your tot’s brain, but also, their appetite too, hopefully!

#2 Try shapes

Shapes are a great way to make mealtime more exciting! Perhaps your child has learned about different shapes at their kindy, so you can turn their sandwiches, pancakes, or cheese into little stars, circles or triangles. Or if your child is having a down day, you can arrange a smiley face on the plate to brighten up their mood! To make it easier, you can use a cookie cutter to make a shape to save time.

#3 Get your tot involved

Your child will be more likely to eat their food if they were involved in the process. You can get your child to mix the pancake batter, mash the potatoes, or get them to create their own platter of their favourite shapes and colours. This can make them feel more eager to eat later!

#4 Give food a fun name

You can come up with a name for just about any food. Funny names get the best results, such as calling kidney beans “dinosaur eggs” or instead of spaghetti, try “noodle caloodles”! Or you can even add your child’s name to any food or meal to give them a reason to try it and love it. You can also experiment to name the food after their favourite cartoon characters.

#5 Get saucy

Children usually love it when they can pick up the food by hand and dip it in the sauce. Hence, anything that comes with a sauce can be served separately in a bowl. Fruits with plain yogurt, apples with peanut butter or beef cubes in marinara gravy are all yummy and fun to eat!

This may all sounds time consuming, but it will show your tot that you care and that will instantly put a smile on their face! Have a happy meal time! 💛

Shop for fun mealtime essentials on our website. Check out Marcus & Marcus, Munchkin, EZPZ, and more!

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