I just wanted to put a simple post up to help give mummies a view in terms of which breast pump they should use. A quick google search got me completely confused….there were so many review sites filled with technical jargon and intricate details about the differences in valves, tubing and electric parts it was like discussions about car motors as opposed to just breast pump motors.

This post is meant to keep it simple. It’s based on what most mums tells us about the pumps they’ve bought from us.

When we ask mums which brand they trust for breast pumps – the answer is usually Medela or Spectra. More recently we have been hearing the other brands like Lacte and Unimom being asked for.

To break it down. We think you mummies should ask yourselves 2 questions:

  • Manual or electric?
  • If electric, do I want effectiveness or portability?


  • Manual or electric

To figure out whether you want a manual pump or an electric one is simple, it’s a question of how much you want to manually pump versus have an electric motor do it for you. Mums who are used to manual pumps say that it’s easier as after a couple of pumps, the milk pretty much flows on its own. Those who are used to electric ones will swear by those instead though so it’s really a personal preference. If you don’t mind trying manual, you could get this Medela Harmony ( to try it out and see if you like it. It’s not too expensive so worth giving it a go to see if you might prefer manual pumps to electric ones.

  • If you’ve decided on electric pump

Then you need to decide whether you value effectiveness of the pump versus portability. Most breast pump brands will have the lower end range which tends to be less effective but smaller and much more portable, and the higher end, double pumps which are generally more bulky and difficult to lug around. If you plan to do most of your pumping at home, then go for the higher end models which have stronger motors.

All our pumps can be found at this link:

If you want portable but not as effective: Spectra Dew300 (RM371), Spectra S1 (RM769.56), Medela Swing (RM699), Unimom Allegro (RM274.54)

If you want to top-end bulky but effective ones: Spectra M1 (RM430.36), Medela Freestyle (RM1999), Medela Swing Maxi (RM1499), Spectra 9 (RM689), Unimom Forte (RM338.14), Lacte Duet (RM417.89)

If you ask us which brand to go for, we really have to say it’s a personal preference at the end of the day. We have heard different things from different mums about the same breast pump. For example some love Medela and swear by them….whereas other mums love Spectra and say that’s the best by far. We’ve also heard lots of good things about Unimom and Lacte Duet.

Feel free to call us on 016-6761101 if you want a more in depth discussion about the different types of pumps we have.

We hope this post has been able to help some of you.