I know I’m no Interior Designer, but it does not have to take an Interior Designer to know that the space is nice! I mean, we all love to see and appreciate nice things, right? ☺ So in this post, I will show you parents 5 Nursery Inspirations that I think you will love!

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

If you are a fan of neutral colours, this is for you! I like how minimal the whole space looks with just the right hints of colours and patterns! They actually make the space looks fun for you and your baby. Neutral colours will also make the space looks spacious and tidy. Get similar items from this inspo on Babydash. See links below!

  • Fun storage bin from Bebe Living to keep the room nice and neat.
  • Keepsake frame from Pearhead to immortalize your baby’s pictures and prints.
  • Adorable soft toy from Little Jellycat for your baby to play and cuddle!
Picture courtesy of Pinterest

If you like to mix and match your interior, then this is one of the ways to do it without looking messy! There is a nice pop of colours and prints from the wallpaper and rug. Adding a plant into the space can tie the whole look together and fill in empty spaces. You can get similar items for your nursery room on Babydash. See links below.

  • Sturdy and sleek designed baby crib from Babyhood.
  • Instead of a rug, you can opt for playmat from Parklon — comfortable for your baby’s tummy time too!
  • Changing station from Nuna for easy diaper changing situation.
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Here is for the ones who like a dark room. But this is how you cleverly make a dark room without making it gloomy and stuffy. The usage of cool tones and pop of whites here and there make the room looks cozy and… cool! Steal similar items on Babydash website. Just click the links below.

  • Baby rocker from 4moms to keep your precious one entertained while you are doing house chores.
  • Activity gym from Skip Hop to encourage your baby’s multi-sensory play.
  • Nursing pillow from Doomoo to get your baby comfy during feeding.
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If you would like to keep your nursery room gender-neutral, one of the ways to do it is by playing with neutral colours. As seen above, the room is made of whites and nudes. I love how the nudes came from the woods — adding some nice textures to the room. Steal similar items on Babydash website. Just click the below links!

  • Cozy rocking chair from Babyhood to make you and your baby comfy during nursing.
  • Travel mobile from Skip Hip to play some lullaby while your baby is getting to sleep!
  • Baby rocker from Nuna to rock your baby to snooze 💤
Picture courtesy of Pinterest

If you are thinking of adding some elegant touch to your nursery room, perhaps this is how you can style it! Although the wallpaper prints looks really prominent, however it does not drown the whole look of the room but really complements the whites, pinks, and grey together! You can purchase similar items on Babydash by checking out the links below.

  • Stylish and sturdy baby cot from Babyhood.
  • Bedding set to complement the baby cot from Happy Cot.

And that’s it, folks! I hope you find this post somewhat helpful to get you setup a nice and cozy room to nurse your baby. Find other amazing stuff to add to the room on Babydash website. Happy decorating, parents!