Have you ever wondered about what your baby can see in the first few weeks of life and why do many baby toys and books feature of high contrast black and white images?

In the first 3 months, babies can only see black and white (or grey) tones and focus on objects that are 8 to 11 inches away from them, which is more or less the distance from their parents’ faces while nursing or feeding. Hence, what can you do to help enhance their development during this time?

By choosing toys and décor in high contrast of black and white! These make it easier for your baby to focus on, which helps them strengthen their eyesight and ability to concentrate.

Benefits of monochromatic toys

  • Bold black and white images stimulates the development of their optic nerves. Focusing on such visual stimuli teaches your baby’s vision, training the eye muscles and brain to coordinate and function properly.
  • Although their vision is immature, babies are able to interpret simple images and engage with them. Engagement with black and white images, textures and patterns boosts their learning and enables them to have a better understanding of their environment.
  • Research has found that simple contrasting patterns could also attract babies’ attention for longer periods of time and, at the same time, help them relax. It also help in improving their memory and developing their nervous system. It is also beneficial in terms of social skills. Being able to describe something allows your child to expand their vocabulary and boost their confidence.
  • Another pro of getting for black and white toys and décor for your baby means you can re-décor by adding pops of color later on that fits with your tot’s interests. Black and white is also gender neutral, timeless and educational!

As your baby continues to grow, so does their vision. Experts say, most babies are able to see colours at about 5 months of age, with a preference for bright primary colours – red, yellow and blue, and secondary colours – green, orange and purple, are more appealing than light shades of pink and beige or neutral shades of grey and brown. Hence, this is the best time to incorporate colours in their playtime and environment!

Benefits of colourful toys

  • Blue – Blue enhances creativity and stimulates a cool and relaxing environment. However, it should not be used excessively as it can also depress or invoke sadness.
  • Red – Red is the colour of passion and strong feelings of threat, love, or excess stimulus. It can be used in combination with other colours as it can help in detail oriented or repetitive tasks.
  • Yellow – This is indeed the colour of happiness and sunshine for children. Yellow encourages intelligence and is ideal to use in kids’ rooms, study rooms and play areas. And it should not be overdone as it can make children feel stressed.
  • Green – The colour of abundance can relax and contribute to better health in kids.
  • Pink – A calming colour that helps lower heart rate.
  • Purple – This colour ideal for kids as it is attention grabbing.
  • Orange – It helps in enhancing critical thinking and memory.

There are no right or wrong with choosing monochromatic or colourful toys as both have benefits of their own. The best toy is always the safest one you can find which should be appropriate to your baby’s age.

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