The Babydash team.

We are turning 10! Can you believe it?

In conjunction with our birthday, we thought it would be nice and fitting to take you to a walk down the memory lane. It has been a long, bittersweet journey for us to get to where we are but you should know that you too, played a beautiful part in it!

But first, let’s travel back to where we started in July, 2011! Babydash started as a one-woman operation when our founder, Lavinie, realised there was a lack of practical options for parents to get all their baby daily necessities online, specifically milk and diapers. So she thought, why not make the first move and be a pioneer? With only a simple website and her own home to stock all the baby supplies, she kicked started Babydash with only 6 main categories, namely Diapers, Wipes, Formula & Food, Nursing, Bath & Skincare, and Care & Safety.

Lavinie was working solo for more than a year and then joined by our Operations Head, Candy Lee in December, 2012. With growing numbers of sales and goods, from home, Babydash then moved to a bigger space at one of the shoplot buildings in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail in October 2012, then to Pelangi Sentral (our current space!) in October, 2013 and became a three-person show when another staff, Devi joined that December.

In 2014, Babydash grew from having one founder to having two, when Shan Li Tay joined full-time in September. Our then co-founder handled the marketing side of the company, which also includes public relations and social media. On the same year, we hit a breakout in revenue!

And ever since we started, we had made known to our customers that we sell diapers and infant formula at cheap prices, which seemed unbelievable at first to some, as we did actually receive numerous phone calls from our customers to confirm the prices and to check if our company was real!

Fast-forward to 10 years later, we are now operating with a strong team of 14 people (including two remote workers), two warehouses to house over 8,000 products and 400 brands (both international and local), and two official websites, Malaysia and Singapore! We have come a long way and super proud of our achievements — one of them being voted as the #1 Baby Online Store in Malaysia by Tallypress!

After we raised more than RM1.2 million on the second round of Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) on pitchIN’s platform, we aim to expand our footprint in ASEAN and double our revenues in the next 12 to 18 months with very exciting plans in store!

Truth is, we would not have gotten this far without your trust and support since day one. We are super grateful for you, so thank you so much for riding this journey with us and for recommending us to your family, friends, colleagues, and more! We appreciate your feedback and will always try our best to improve so you can enjoy more benefits. And we are looking forward to serving you again and again ❤

We love you and happy birthday to us! ❤