Wash Your Hands Song for Kids: Help Kids Practice Proper Handwashing With  This Fun Song | Kids' Health | 30Seconds Health

Ever since we were kids, our parents and teachers had always stressed on the importance of good hands hygiene. And now that you are a parent, it is your duty to pass it down to your children, even more so now that we are in the pandemic. Good hands hygiene is super important to curb the transmission of germs from one place to another which can cause minor illnesses like colds and stomach upset that often spread through poor hand hygiene. It is crucial to remind kids to wash hands at these times: before eating or preparing food, after using the toilet, stroking a pet, sneezing or blowing their nose.

But how do you ensure the habit sticks? Below are five fun ways that you and your children can try to make handwashing more fun and doesn’t feel like a chore!

#1 Sing a song while you wash

Washing hands thoroughly with a soap for 20 seconds is what it takes to properly remove germs. Try singing the alphabet or “Happy Birthday” twice or the classic Old MacDonald! Even better to throw in some dancing too. It may look silly, but it surely will get them giggling!

#2 Say bye-bye germs!

Germs and bacteria are not visible by naked eyes. And your kid might have questions about them. Hence try educating them by colouring their hands with bath crayons to represent “germs” and all it takes for the “germs” to disappear it by washing them off! And while washing, ask your kid to say goodbye to the “germs”.

#3 Reward with stickers

Kids love stickers! And receiving them as a reward will make them so happy and it’s a perfect chance for them to show off their handwashing lessons and excellent hygiene.

#4 Mission possible: Clean the sink!

Before hand washing time, doodle or draw their names on the sink with a washable marker to set them up on a cleaning mission. Then, encourage your kid to scrub off the marks with soap. And mommy is happy too now the sink is clean! 😆

#5 Blow soap bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Once your kid has lathered up the soap, get them to blow soap bubbles through their fingers gently. Or have fun bursting the bubbles while mommy blows bubbles!