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Being a parent in this day and age, we try to document the memories through photos and videos using our smartphones especially over the first year of your baby’s life. And the firsts of anything with your baby are major moments and very valuable but there’s nothing quite like their first Raya! Though it is a tradition to give out duit raya, however your baby is too little to get amused over it, and they are probably more excited over the attractive patterns on the Raya packet than the value of the money. Instead, focus on the little things and start a new tradition if you will, to make sure the festivity happiness continues to live on, not only in photos but in your heart too! Here are some ideas for how to make your baby’s first Raya celebration a memorable one.

Get baby a matching outfit

What better way to celebrate your baby’s first Raya other than dressing your baby up in a baju kurung/baju Melayu set that matches mommy or daddy! Totally adorable for pictures and definitely Instagram worthy! #justsaying 😆 Doll up your baby with hair accessories from Baby Island and Bows & Blings.

Immortalize baby’s hand/footprints

Of course you will have photos to look back on, but there’s an extra special value that holds these hand/footprints. You can preserve them in salt dough or paint them using watercolour to remember how tiny your baby was when they had their first Raya. You can even turn it into a nursery decor! Get a kit from Pearhead.

Buy baby a special gift

Your little one is not going to remember their first Raya and what you gave them, but that does not mean they won’t enjoy playing with a present! Need not to be extravagant, something as simple as rattles or soft toys can easily bring joy to your baby! To make it more special, you can even pick up an heirloom gift that your child can cherish when they are older.

Compile a Raya time capsule

Get a keepsake box to store the remembrances from your baby’s first Raya. Things like: the Raya packet that your baby received, wrapping paper or bows from their Raya gifts, photos from the day or even the outfit that your baby wore. Then mark the box with the year and keep it somewhere safe until you’re ready to revisit the memories in a decade (if not sooner!).

Take a family Raya photo

This is a must! You can’t let Raya go by without capturing a Raya photo of your little babe and the rest of the family. Trying to get a picture with an infant or toddler is a lot work! Try to even snap the candid moments too. Definitely something to laugh about when you look back later on and it will be ones for the books!