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Raya (aka Eid Mubarak) is approaching soon and it is one of my favourite festivities of the year! And I bet it’s yours too especially if you are celebrating it for the first time with your baby! I know it too can be stressful planning the whole festivity – outfits, meals (Rendang, yumm!), decorations, and to top it all, we are still living in the pandemic that doesn’t seem to go away. And because of that, it’s important for us to stay home and celebrate it safely with our immediate household, particularly when you have a baby around. However, if you do need to attend to your Raya visits, here are some tips to a safe and fuss-free Raya visiting with your baby!

It is a great idea to go out when your baby is calm and happy. Hence, before going out, you want to ensure your baby is well-fed and had nappy change. A well-fed baby is a happy baby and a fresh diaper will ensure your baby stays comfortable. And it is also important that your baby is kept at the right temperature. You can check whether your baby is too warm or cold by feeling their forehead. Do dress your baby appropriately to the weather so your baby feels cozy and comfy the whole time they are out!

Consider to pack your diaper bag as if you are going on a short trip although you are only planning to go out for a short while! It is always a good idea to be prepared in case your baby needs a nappy change or gets hungry. What you’ll need to pack:

If your baby begins to get fussy or upset, try to see if you can figure out why. Normally, your baby always has a reason for why they’re crying (this is their way of talking to us!). You may want to consider: Is your baby hungry? Does your baby need their diaper changed? Or perhaps your baby is tired. Therefore, you might want to check if their diaper is full or offer to feed to see if they are hungry. If none of these are working, it’s best to get yourself excused and go home where your baby feels more comfortable.

When you are out visiting, do keep your baby close to mommy and daddy, so they’ll know they are always safe and comfortable. Another important thing to note is to not let others hold your baby. If someone asks to hold your baby, you are allowed to say no, politely. The less people that hold your baby, the less likely your baby will get sick. This also applies to letting people rub their hair, kiss them or touch their skin. Keep your baby away from sick and germ-filled hands! This may be hard to practice cause you might be scared that you offend people but remember, you are doing what’s best for your baby, especially in this pandemic!