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The pandemic has set a different tone and mood in welcoming The Year of The Ox. Every New Year we are looking forward to be with our family and have feasts during reunion dinner but this year, we can only usher in the New Year with the people who live within the 10km. The tradition may change a little as not every family members will be able to attend, nevertheless we can still spread and share good fortunes and love through gifts and treats to our loved ones. After all, isn’t that what every festivity teaches us – the art of reciprocating – to give and to receive. Here are some gift ideas that I thought would be fun to give and receive!

#1 For baby

If you have a baby niece or baby nephew, this is the perfect gift to give. It is a cute and adorable cuddle buddy that lasts a lifetime. Also for parents-to-be, this is a great deco idea for a nursery room too!

#2 For toddler

Kids love bright and colourful blocks like these! Gifting this bucket to toddlers would mean you are encouraging them to practice their fine motor skills and creativity as they stack the blocks. Let their imagination runs wild! They could be the next artist, engineer or even architect. Start ’em young! šŸ˜†

#3 For big kid

The perfect gift to keep them younglings to be active and spend some time outdoor! This folding balance bike helps to prep your kiddo to ride a bicycle by providing your kid the familiarity and confidence when transitioning into the real bicycle with pedals!

#4 For family

Abundance Plant

Wishing the family with abundant of blessings and good fortunes by sending them this via Happy Bunch. A simple and nice addition to the house. Since it’s small, it can be placed anywhere at all. On the bedside table, living room, dressing table, and more. Tres chic!

The best gift for the whole family – mommy can have the bag, the family can have the treats. A win-win situation šŸ˜† To make the bag more special, you can personalize it with the recipient’s name – so no one can claim the bag is theirs šŸ˜‚ Get the set on ChristyNg’s website.

It does not matter the value of gifts, it really is the thoughts that count!

Taking this opportunity to wish all of you, Happy Niu Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the year of the ‘Niu’ brings you and your family abundance of new opportunity, prosperity and good luck. Have a safe, blessed celebration! From all of us at Babydash.