Best Bowls and Plates for Babies of 2020

Starting solids is definitely one of the biggest milestones that your little one can experience. It’s super fun for you too, to witness the face they make when you feed them certain food and it’s the perfect time for you to get creative in the kitchen! And it’s also nice to have your baby right at the dining table with you, eating together. With so many brands and utensils in the market, you may get confused. And that’s why I am here, to help you pick 5 feeding essentials that are well-loved by moms!

#1 ezpz First Foods Set

Other than its pretty colour, this First Foods Set from ezpz is loved by moms as it is a complete set that provides all of the developmental tools you need to set your baby up for mealtime milestones! With a complete set like this, it encourages your baby to eat and drink independently especially when your baby joins the rest of the family at the dining table. Another reason why moms love it is because everything in the set is 100% silicone and made to last as silicone will not wear, fade or corrode – saving you some $$ in the bank! Check out ezpz on Babydash.

#2 Toddler Cutlery Set

The cutlery set is designed in consultation with leading pediatric occupational therapist making it the ideal toolkit for toddlers who are ready to self-feed! Yes, in case you are wondering it’s a fork. The unique designed of the fork is why moms love this cutlery set from as it fits the size and shape of little mouth. Due to its design, it helps your little tot to safely pierce and lift the food. The set comes in a handy travel case to take with you on-the-go! Shop more products on Babydash.

#3 OXO TOT Grow Straw Cup

A cute almond-shaped straw cup with a spill-proof straw that conforms to your little one’s mouth and minimizes mess! It is also an ideal straw cup that will ease your child transitioning from bottle or breast feeding. The removable handles that come with it is why moms love it! It makes it easier for your tot to drink as it provides a comfortable grip and control. More OXO TOT products are available on Babydash website.

#4 Bowl + Straw

Let your kid slurps their cereal milk or soup to the heart’s content with this bowl + straw from! The innovative designed bowl + straw ensure no leftovers and mess-free mealtime especially when eating soup or cereal. The bowl doubles as a snack container as it comes with a snack insert and a lid – great for snacking on-the-go! A plus point for moms 😆 For self-feeders, the easy grip handles and non-slip base are a great help for control and stability. Available in four vibrant colours on Babydash.

#5 Chicco Pocket Snack booster seat

Pocket Snack booster seat from Chicco is what you need to go with the adult dining chair and it’s why moms love it – so their little tot can join the family during mealtime! The seat is travel-friendly as it is compact when folded and has a strap to carry and take along to restaurants, on vacation, or to visit relative! The two straps and rubberized feet ensure the seat is secured and safe to sit on. Check out more Chicco products on Babydash.

Hope this is helpful to any parents whose little ones are starting solids soon! Have fun getting creative in the kitchen!