Playtime: Activities To Spark Creativity In Your Kids | The Lakeside  Collection

While the school is still on break, let’s make your kids do some fun activities! In this post, I am listing down some activities to help you parents to get your kids away from the gadget screens so their school break is spent meaningfully!

#1 Camping

Or these days, we call it glamping! Take your children out to see the nature and experience serenity with an amazing camping trip away from the city’s hustling and bustling. There are beautiful camping spots in Malaysia that children will enjoy. To prep you for that trip, take this mosquito repellant bracelet from BabyQto with you.

#2 Trip to animal farm

For animal lovers, Farm In The City in Seri Kembangan is a must-visit place. Your children will learn a lot about the animals and get a hands-on experience at the farm. They can get up close by holding, patting, and feeding the animals. Be prepared to see your children amazements and happy faces! Prep your children with this strappy water bottle from Snapkis to quench thirst and keep them hydrated while spending the day with the adorable animals under the sun!

#3 Beach holiday

Malaysia is blessed with beautiful islands and beaches all over the country. It is no doubt a beach holiday is listed! Take your children swimming, build sandcastles, watch the sunset – a beautiful memory to cherish together as a family indeed. Get this swimsuit from Cheekaaboo on Babydash to bring for the trip!

#4 Volunteer work

School holiday is the perfect time to teach your children to contribute to society. You can help by initiating a small donation drive just amongst families and friends so your children can bring the donation to the shelter. This helps your children to develop compassion and empathy for the less fortunates.

#5 Workshops

Send your children to skills workshops that will unleash their inner talent and creativity – public speaking, creative writing, or even music camps! Not only it enhances your children’s talents, it could also enhance their social skills by making new friends with similar interests. Be sure to keep a look out for workshops with fun programs for your children!