What and when is Half-Christmas, the Workaholics Holiday | Time

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Yet for many families, the expectations that come with the festivity can be so stressful and cause anxiety – not just for the adults but for the children, too. It is vital to remember that as you running around to create the best holiday home, buy the best gifts for everyone, and create the best holiday meal, that your children are watching!

If you turn the holidays to be stressful, that is how your children view and remember the holidays as well. Because children reflect and model their parents. Which means this serves as a great opportunity to make the best out of the time of the year and teach your children about bonding, togetherness, giving, and making memories! Here are some helpful tips for making the holidays less stressful (which applies to all festive seasons: Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Diwali, and more!)

#1 Simplify your life – create a To-Do list of the important things so you do not forget and get stressed at the last minute and remember to leave off unnecessary, unimportant things! Focus to get the important ones done and do not procrastinate!

#2 Many of us are people-pleasers and over-scheduling ourselves with invitations to visit our relatives, but that should change this time ’round! Only accept invitations that you honestly are excited to attend. Simply decline the rest, politely. Well, it can be hard to say ‘No’. So here I include some ways you can respectfully and politely decline invitations:

#3 Remember to take a breather and de-stress by doing things that you love like taking a warm bath with candlelight and aromatherapy! A simple time out reward for yourself ❤

#4 This is the season to give! Take your children to volunteer at a shelter together as a family. Before going there, perhaps you would want to gather some old clothes, blankets, food and donate them to the people at the shelter.

#5 Together with your children, makes personalized gifts for friends and relatives with the recipients in mind. For an example, if their aunt loves cats, draw her a picture of a cat in the card!

Hope these tips are helpful! The memories you make with your children are priceless and your relationship with others are the key to those memories. Sometimes the best memories made are from simple planning! Need not to be extravagant but instead focus on what truly matters – family, togetherness, and compassion. Stress-free holidays are not only good for your hearts 😆 but your children’s too – to learn that life is so full of meaning and memories!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours! Have a wonderful celebration and be safe always.

– From all of us at Babydash ❤