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This may sounds rather strange because what else is breast milk for if it’s not to feed the baby? Ha, you thought! I mean, we all know breast milk is amazing with all the yummy nutrients it has to nourish your little babe. And due to that great properties, there are a bunch of other cool things that you can do with your leftover breast milk. Keep reading!

#1 Skin lotion

Breast milk contains the necessary fatty acids, antibodies, and nutrients that are especially vital for your baby’s first six months. Because of that, people are now utilizing the amazing stuff it contains by turning it into homemade skin moisturizer.

How? Simply mix the breast milk with beeswax and grapeseed or coconut oil. Breast milk lotion can be the remedy to cure nappy rash, eczema, baby acne, and sore nipples!

#2 Breast milk jewellery

What?! Yes, jewellery! Create a keepsake of the time you were breastfeeding with some gorgeous trinkets make of breast milk that you can cherish forever. Immortalize your breast milk into rings or lockets that you can wear proudly and say, “I made this!” 😂

What's the Deal with Breast Milk Jewelry? - PureWow

#3 Makeup remover

Running out of makeup remover? Well, just use your breast milk as a makeup remover! Take a little and rub it into the skin. Breast milk can also help to take off the tough eye make up and serve as a pre-cleanser!

#4 Plants fertilizer

Plants get most of their nutrients from the soil. Milk (breast milk and goat or cow milk) contains beneficial minerals that could help your plans to grow better. So, adding some milk to the soil once in a while would do the trick!

#5 Deodorant

Yes, really! A great substitute to your normal deodorant as this contains no chemicals. Just take some breast milk and pat it under your arms and just leave it to dry. Easy? Yes. But the best part? It’s free – saving you some $$$ monthly!

Is there anything breast milk can’t do? It truly is amazing and mind-boggling! Why not give some of these tricks a go and see if you like it!