What 'Fed Is Best' Misses for Moms Who Want to Breastfeed

I know mommies that you can’t wait for your confinement days to be over so you can go out for a bit.. to “wash eye” πŸ‘€ (well, other than the usual hospital visits!). And if you are a breastfeeding mom, here are some OOTD tips that I have gathered for you to make your breastfeeding session a breeze one!

#1 Nursing bras

When you are a breastfeeding mom, you have to switch from wearing your normal bras to nursing bras. A nursing bra is a lot softer from the inside and does not have metal wire inside it which will help your milk to flow normally in your breasts. Nursing bras have special clips or hooks that help a section of fabric fold down without affecting or ruining the support structures of the bra. Also mommies, avoid buying nursing bras before you give birth as the size of your breasts will change after delivery.

#2 Choose button down shirts

Dressing for breastfeeding is always about easy access. Button-down shirts are the easiest and simplest way to quickly get access to your girls when needed. By leaving the lower button done, will help you feel more secure and give you the coverage you need. It is also one of the best options for working moms!

#3 Nursing tops

If you feel the blouses in your closet do not give the access that you need for breastfeeding, fret not, mommies! Here are some nursing tops that you can find in the market. You’re welcome! 😜

Nursing top from Ratuwear

Nursing baju kurung from BondaMilk

Nursing dress from DNA by Dynas

#4 Be careful of accessories

Dainty and long necklaces are indeed nice to wear but be mindful of sharp and pointy accessories that are dangerous for your child’s safety. Go for something simpler and short when you’re breastfeeding!

#5 Kimonos and cardigans

Kimonos and cardigans can be worn to provide extra fabric for extra protection. You can use it as a nursing cover for when you forgot to pack one in your bag! It is also one of the easy ways to layer any top that you wear effortlessly!

Breastfeeding wears have become more stylish and chic! They are comfortable and available to suit the occasion to cater to breastfeeding mommies. Hope you find this post helpful. Till the next one! ☺