Baby Food Allergies: Identifying and Preventing Them

Mealtime with your baby does not have to look like a battleground every time, parents! Here are 5 mealtime essentials that I gathered that will make your baby’s mealtime mess-free (well, I hope!).

#1 Silicone bib

Silicone bib is A MUST! We do not want our baby’s cute clothes to be stained, do we? Silicone bib is easy to clean and super lightweight to wear. The soft, food safe pocket is wide enough to catch any stray pieces of food that miss your baby’s mouth. It is also great to bring out with you as it is so easy to store – simply roll the bib, secure closed, and chuck it in your diaper bag! Purchase one on Babydash website by clicking here.

#2 A bowl with a suction cup base

You know how infants love to throw things around. A bowl with a suction-cup base is the way to go in handling this situation, parents! The bowl will stick securely so your baby can’t pick it up and throw at you. The best part about this bowl from Boon is it has a built-in food catcher that extends towards your baby creating a ramp that catches the food that doesn’t go into your baby’s mouth! So the food will end up going back into the bowl, so less mess and waste created. Click on the link above to purchase from Babydash.

#3 Ergonomic cutlery

An ergonomically designed cutlery is important for babies so they can grasp comfortably without dropping them. Boon’s utensils are an excellent choice for toddlers who aren’t ready to rock adult tableware, yet! There are no sharp edges which makes it definitely safe to use! They are also great for pretend sword fights 😉 Comes in 3 multi-coloured pairs per pack – so you will always have an extra pair! Purchase now on Babydash by clicking the above link.

#4 Sippy cup

Sippy cup makes an ideal transition cup to train your baby from bottle/breastfeeding to drink milk in a cup. The sippy cup from ensures that your baby can drink to the very last drop as its straw has a two-way valve that ensures easy drinking and NO leaks (so no mess! 😉). It’s the perfect cup at home and on-the-go. It also encourages independence with an easy-grip handle and simple flip-top lid. Shop range on Babydash.

#5 Sturdy snack container

Babies love to eat snack! Well, I do too! So am i a baby? LOL! Anyway this snack ball from Boon is the perfect snack container to have! Its rigid form will protect the snacks from crushing even if it’s being tossed around. You do know that we need to protect the snacks at all cost, right? 😂 A great travel companion for on-the-go snacks that doubles as a toy – I mean it’s a fun sphere-shaped container, it will be well-loved by your baby! Make your purchase just by clicking the link above!

There you go, parents! I hope you find this post somewhat helpful. Sure there are more choices on our website. So feel free to browse and make your purchase! Till then! Have a great day! ❤