I know how mothers often worry that they are not producing enough breast milk to feed their baby. And since you cannot actually see the milk your body is producing, it is hard to tell exactly how much your baby is drinking. But do know that most women do produce enough breast milk. That is one of the myths I helped you busted in my previous post, see here. But here I will line up the 5 Signs that show Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk!

#1 Baby is swallowing

When your baby starts to latch onto the breast during a feed, they will start with a few rapid sucks that helps to release the milk. Then it will be followed by deep, slow pulling motion as they swallow. They may also take long pauses while nursing and occasionally fall asleep at your breast!

#2 Baby is calm and content

If your baby looks calm and content after every feed, then everything is going well, mommies! However if a baby appears overly passive after feeds or constantly be crying, then they may not be getting enough milk. Do not limit feeding times! But do note that if your baby has many feedings that last longer than an hour or wants to be nursed very often with less than an hour between feedings, there may be other problems that you need to bring your baby to be examined by your doctor.

#3 Count baby’s wet diapers

Your baby’s diaper output is a good indicator that they are getting enough milk! Most breastfed babies wet six to 10 and soil at least three diapers per day in the first month. The colour of the poop is also important to note too — the first bowel movement is normally black and sticky but they should be green by day three and yellow by day four or five. The consistency of your baby’s poop should also be watery or seedy.

#4 Baby gains weight

It is totally normal for your baby’s weight to fluctuate during the first two weeks as they may lose about 5-7% of their birth weight by the third or fourth day but they should be gaining weight steadily after the first two weeks! If your baby has a weight loss of 10% or more, there could be a problem. So please seek your doctor’s assistance when this happens!

#5 Breast feels softer after feed

When your baby is getting enough milk after a feed, your breast should feel softer as the milk has been expressed! Your nipples should also look more or less the same after every feed — not flattened, pinched or white. You would also feel sleepy and relaxed after every feeding.

Now that you learnt these signs, you can breastfeed in complete serenity now and not feel worried if your baby is not getting enough breast milk! If you need more assistance, be sure to contact your lactation consultant or doctor. Take care, mommies! Happy breastfeeding! You can do this! ❤