Swimming is a fun activity that the whole family can partake. And it is also the time to style up your baby in a cute outfit! Since Babydash is having an amazing deal on Cheekaaboo products (click here to know more!), let us show you the Top 5 Swimming Must-Haves featuring Cheekaaboo cute products!

#1 Warmiebabes Suit

An important matter to note before taking your child for a fun day out at the pool is that your child’s body cannot retain their body heat. Hence it is important for you to keep them warm in and out of water so they are comfortable whilst enjoying their time in the pool. Lucky for you, Cheekaaboo has the perfect suit for that! The suit is also chlorine-resistant and has UV protection! Get this Warmiebabes Suit on Babydash’s website by clicking here.

#2 Booggles

Protect your child’s eyes from the pool’s chlorine water with a pair of goggles! Cheekaaboo’s Booggles is cleverly designed with a unique head strap that is made of soft and stretchable Neoprene material. Don’t worry about foggy goggles as Booggles have anti-fog coating to enhance your little one’s swimming experience! They are also lightweight and you can say no to tangling hair as that won’t be the case with a pair of Booggles! To get a pair, just click here to purchase on Babydash.

#3 Reversible Sun Hat

A cute outfit is not complete without a bucket hat! Keep your child protected from the UV rays in this reversible sun hat from Cheekaaboo. The sun hat can be styled in two ways — just flip the inside out and voila! It also has SPF 50+ UV protection and made of soft and stretchable material that gives a cooling effect so your child won’t feel uncomfortable in it. The adjustable drawstring and toggle ensure the sun hat will be in tact and does not fly away when the strong ocean breeze blows! Get one from Babydash by clicking here.

#4 Neoprene Bag

Keep your little one’s stuff – toys, towel, a change of clothes all clean and dry in this Neoprene bag. The bag is roomy and made with the perfect size for your child to conveniently carry around! The material of the bag is sturdy, high-quality and lightweight so it will not tear and fail on you easily. Get one from Babydash here.

#5 Swim Ring

Bring a high-quality swim ring to the pool for your little one’s safety. It is one of the easy ways to help your baby learn and gain water confidence (read more here). It is also practical for travelling and storage as it is compact, lightweight, and easy to inflate and deflate. To purchase one, just click here.

Now your child is ready for a fun day out at the swimming pool! Well, don’t forget to lather your child with SPF, parents. You can purchase one here on Babydash. Have a safe and fun time at the pool!