I know water can be terrifying for us parents to introduce to our little one. As parents, we should play an active role in encouraging our children to explore something foreign and let them be an adventurer. With the right method and close supervision, they will enjoy their time being in the water! Here are some easy ways I have gathered to help you build water confidence with your little babes.

It is not essential to take your little one to the swimming pool right away. It could also make them feel nervous to see so much water! Hence, the first easy step is to start at home by familiarising your baby with water by conducting fun bath-time activities. Get your baby some bath toys to accompany them bathing. Get this Playgro Floating Sea Friends on Babydash by clicking here.

If you decide to take them out to the pool, be sure to choose a warm pool as babies, especially very young ones are not very good at maintaining their body heat! Always ensure you are equipped with a bathrobe or a towel to wrap them up so they are warm and snuggly when they are out of the water. Or you can first introduce them to a small pool at the comfort of your own home. Just click here to purchase this Whale Shade Pool from Intex on Babydash.

When your little one is more confident and comfortable being in the water, you may want to find the right buoyancy aid to encourage them to try more water confidence activities. The buoyancy aid can help your child to learn how to use their arms and legs to move them along in the water. Get a cute pair of arm floaties from Cheekaaboo on Babydash – just click here.

Also parents, one important matter to note is that to take it slow and do not be pushy. I know sometimes we tend to be impatient when our child does not show any signs of progress but it is important to keep in mind that our child does not built the same as others. Some child are brave, some are a bit cautious. Do not rush them but instead follow your child and keep supporting them at their own pace.

Lastly, just enjoy spending the time together in the water! Swimming is one of the activities that the whole family can take part in together. It is a wonderful way to enjoy each other’s company. Swimming together with a child can develop their water confidence better when they see that everyone is having a good time in the pool.

There you go, folks! These are the easy ways to help build water confidence with your child. It takes a little patience, close supervision, and understanding that your child is not the same as others. Celebrate small wins even it is just them dipping their toes for the first time in the pool!

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