We know how normally babies don’t sleep through the night and it is sometimes will take a toll on parents! It is not a perfect process and it is all about trying new things and see which is best for your baby. Here I gather
5 bedtime rituals to help you (especially if you are a new parent!) get through the process.

#1 Give your baby a warm bath, then give them a massage

Bathtime is a great way to start your baby’s pre-sleep ritual. Warm bath especially will help your baby to feel more relaxed before bed. Giving them a gentle body rub or massage after a bath will help promote good blood circulation, hence your baby will sleep better. It is also an amazing way to make your baby feels secure and loved! Get one from Badger for your baby on Babydash by clicking here.

#2 Swaddle your baby to keep them warm and snuggly

Babies are used to warm temperature ever since they were in the womb. To provide the warmth for your baby, it is best to swaddle them up for bed so they would feel warm and snuggly so they can have a good night’s sleep. But remember not to swaddle too tight as it might put your baby’s health at risk! Purchase one set from aden+anais on Babydash’s website by clicking here.

#3 Offer your baby a feed to ensure they sleep comfortably with a full tummy

To ensure your baby get an uninterrupted sleep at night (hopefully!), try offering them a feed before bed so their tummy is full and can sleep peacefully and comfortably without having to wake them up in the middle of the night for a feed!

#4 Darken the room and keep the ambience calm and cozy

Get your baby to feel relaxed by dimming the light of the room. This would make them feel sleepy and fall asleep eventually. It is also important to make sure your baby sleeps in a calm and cozy ambience. To get you achieve that, you can place an aromatic diffuser to create a spa-like atmosphere. Get one from Crane here on Babydash.

#5 Place your baby in their cot and turn on a lullaby

Lastly, place your baby in their cot and put on a white noise or a lullaby (or parents can sing the lullaby too!). This will encourage your baby to fall asleep on their own. If you don’t want to sing the lullaby, you can purchase this portable baby soother from Skip Hop on Babydash by clicking here.

There you go, folks! I would like you to note that these tips might or might not be working on your baby as each baby has different needs. But hey, there is no harm in trying!