Being a mother is almost every woman’s dream. But to be a mother takes a lot of effort and energy and not every woman goes through the same experience while being pregnant. But worry not! Here are Top 5 Mother-To-Be Tips to make your journey sliding into motherhood a smooth one!

Tip #1: Take prenatal supplements

Your baby’s developments start within the first month of pregnancy, so you need to consume awesome nutrients – like folic acid, calcium and iron that are good for your body and baby. To purchase a yummy one, just click here.

Tip #2: Reduce stretch marks by applying stretch marks cream

I know the appearance of stretch marks can stress you out and being stress is not good for you and baby. You are carrying another life inside of you and it is a beautiful thing! So don’t worry mommies, a good stretch marks creams (or oils) can prevent/lessen stretch marks appearance. You can purchase one just by clicking here.

Tip #3: Get enough sleep

Get plenty of rest and always listen to your body in determining if you need to take short breaks during the day and to determine how many hours of sleep do you need at night. I know it is hard to sleep when your body undergoes changes throughout pregnancy. However a good maternity pillow helps give good support to your body while you rest. Indeed, good rest = healthier body! Get your maternity pillow from Babydash by clicking here.

Tip #4: Wear breathable maternity clothes

Throughout your pregnancy, your body is going through changes as your baby bump grows each day and you may find some of your old clothes can’t fit you anymore. During pregnancy, loose and comfy clothes are the way to go! Get one here on Babydash.

Tip #5: Enjoy pregnancy and take memorable photos!

No one has the same pregnancy journey. Some women may have it easy, some may not. Either way, it is still a wonderful process to look back in the future. Photograph your beautiful moments with belly stickers that you can purchase on Babydash by just clicking here.

There you have it, mommies! Pregnancy is a challenging yet wonderful journey to motherhood. Just remember that you are bringing a new life into the world so be proud! I wish you will have a safe delivery! 🙂