Sometimes just having a car seat while traveling with your baby isn’t enough as your child may have other needs on the road. There are many accessories out there that can help suit the needs of you and your child when everyone is traveling. Here are some of my must have car seat accessories to have in your car at all times. 


1. Baby head and neck pillow


The head and neck pillow is perfect for smaller children who need the extra support. This provides extra comfort that can make your child happy and comfortable in car rides. Not only does it give extra comfort to your child, it also helps to support their heads if they need to take naps. This is a must buy if you take long car rides frequently so that your baby feels comfortable always. You can get one from Babydash here.


2. Cup holder


Stuck in a jam and your baby is hungry? A cup holder can save the day. The cup holder is essential to have for your car seat in order to hold milk bottles in the car. Spilled milk because of bumpy roads is really annoying to clean up so having an accessory like a cup holder to make sure the milk bottle does not spill over will save you a lot of clean up time. For older children, they can easily reach for their drinks when in their car seat so you can focus on driving and not have to worry about them. You can get one from Babydash here.


3. Seat belt shoulder pads 


These shoulder pads are not just cute but also serves a very important function for your child, comfort and protection. These pads can be added to existing belts to add an extra layer of comfort as sometimes seat belts can be uncomfortable for kids. Another great thing about these shoulder pads is that it doubles as a pillow for your child to lean on when sleeping so they can sleep comfortably. You can get one from Babydash here


4. Baby car mirror 


If you drive alone with your baby, you probably would have experienced this feeling of worry if your baby is doing okay. With a baby car mirror you won’t have to worry about your child anymore as you can see from the reflection of the mirror how your child is doing at the back . If your baby needs to be attended you can know immediately when to stop the car to This is essential to parents who wish to keep a close eye on their children while still being able to drive safely as always turning your head to the back may not be the safest thing to do on the road. You can grab a mirror here


5. Portable fan

Sometimes it gets really hot in the car and that can make your child feel really uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure as parents we would not like a car ride where your child is complaining and crying for the whole journey and that is why having a portable fan is vital for any car journey. This fan from Babydash has a clip that you can clip onto any car seat. If you are using an infant car seat you can clip onto it and keep your child cool when carrying your child outside your car. Keeping your child cool is important, especially in Malaysia where its very very hot.

A car seat can only provide safety and comfort for your child, but there are other factors that make car rides a hassle that can be solved through different accessories. Car rides can be pleasant for you and your child if you have the necessary items in your hands. If you don’t have the items you can always buy it on Babydash. Be sure to check out the 12.12 promotion that is coming really soon.