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Is babywearing for you?

To answer this question, let’s go through this mini checklist:

  1. Do you know about the benefits of babywearing?
  2. If you want to babywear, do you know what are ergonomic baby carriers?
  3. Do you know the different ergonomic baby carrier categories suitable for your baby’s age and size?
  4. Do you know the rules for safe babywearing?

Let’s go through one by one and then you can make your decision to babywear or not to babywear. 🙂

Benefits of babywearing

  1. Strengthens the bond between parent and baby
  2. Baby is generally calmer due to the closeness to her parent and her primal/survival needs are met
  3. Decreases risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  4. Eases breastfeeding on the go
  5. Allows parent to be “hands-free” to do other things while taking care of baby
  6. Baby can “explore” the world within the safety and comfort of her parent’s body
  7. Fosters a close bond until toddlerhood

Ergonomic baby carriers

Ergonomic means the baby carrier should:

  • Provide proper support, i.e. natural seating position (M-shape), the recommended position for healthy hip development. Improper support can lead to hip issues, see diagram below:


  • Does not put strain on your baby’s developing hips and spine


In summary, non-ergonomic carriers are crotch carriers, narrow-based carriers, and hipseat carriers.

Ergonomic baby carriers categories

The diagram below explains six main recommended categories: woven wrap (WW), stretchy wrap (SW), ring sling (RS), pouch (P), soft-structured carrier (SSC) and Mei Tai (MT).


What is safe babywearing?


Malaysian Babywearers International Babywearing Week 2016 event

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See you there and do come and say “Hi!” to us. 🙂