Precious Sleep Talk | Samantha Yong Photography
Precious Sleep Talk | Samantha Yong Photography

This is Ho Wing Yan, a certified Sleep Sense Consultant. Last Saturday, Wing Yan met up with a small group of our customers who were all struggling with getting a good night’s sleep. She shared her story about how she went in search of help when her own little girl was waking up through the night.

We found it inspiring that not only did Wing Yan find help in the Sleep Sense methodology, but in addition to her full-time management consultancy job (and did we mention she is 8 months pregnant!), she helps others who face the same problems. Today, her 2 year old daughter sleeps well and through the night and I am sure the next baby will too!

Here are some of the tips we learnt :

  • Babies need to learn to fall asleep on their own without any external props

    An external prop can be anything from “rocking” or “singing” or “patting” – anything which your child needs someone else to do for them. So your child needs to learn the strategies to journey to sleep on their own.

  • Keep an early bedtime

This is all about making sure your baby sleeps before he/she gets over tired. The best time for them to go to sleep is between 7pm -8pm.

  • Start a good bedtime routine

This helps to cue the baby’s body and mind and tell them to prepare for sleep. Length should be around 20-30 min and parents should take turns so that either one can put baby to sleep.

  • Set a good naptime routine

Just like bedtime, even during the day…there needs to be a routine to cue the baby so he/she knows that it’s time to prepare for sleep.

  • Do not skip naps or push bedtime too late

Nap is a priority when trying to establish a good sleep habit. It is also untrue that if you put your baby to sleep during the day, your baby will sleep better at night. It will just end up making the child overtired!

  • Keep your child awake during night feeds

Prevent your child from falling asleep during night feeds. Keep a close watch and tickle his toes, talk to him…leave a dim light on. Make sure your baby does not start to fall asleep while nursing or they will always need to nurse to sleep. Put him back to bed awake once you know he’s satisfied from the feed. He should then be able to fall asleep himself.

  • Be consistent

Stay consistent while implementing all the tips above. Kids thrive on consistency and predictability. Bonus tip: put your child to bed/nap in the same place every time! Having a familiar sleeping place reduces anxiety.

The best part of the session was when parents could just ask Wing Yan what to do in their own situation. Many had not had more than 2 hours stretch of sleep in months!! It was good to see that Wing Yan approaches each situation as unique and understands what the key problems are first. She then helps the family work through a very structured plan to help them achieve their sleep goals!

If you are having trouble putting your little ones to sleep, contact Wing Yan for a FREE 15 minutes consultation today! It can be done over Skype or Facetime and this could really help you to a better and less stressful life!

She can be reached on +6012-3542010 or

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Precious Sleep Talk | Samantha Yong Photography
Precious Sleep Talk | Samantha Yong Photography

And last but not least…a big thank you to EspressoLab for providing the venue and some excellent coffee as usual!

Precious Sleep Talk | Samantha Yong Photography
Precious Sleep Talk | Samantha Yong Photography

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